Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 2006

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Penultimate Peril-Book the Twelfth
-L. Snicket-juvenile fiction
-The Last Safe Place is safe no more. All the "noble" adults let the Baudelaire orphans down. Ends with the Baudelaires sailing away with Count Olaf. I have to say, Sunny's words are not just gibberish. I almost want to go back and read them again to see if I can pick up more stuff. In this one, the author lets their political leanings show. The word was "scalia" and it was interpreted as "it seems nonsense to interpret it literally". Justice Scalia is one of the few who still believe in Original Intent in regards to the U.S. Constitution. Whatever...

Invasion of the Sea
-J. Verne-scientific fiction
-scientific fiction is the perfect description. His stuff sure isn't scifi. In this novel the French are attempting to make an inland sea in the Sahara desert by digging a canal and are opposed by a tribe of muslim nomads. Basically follows the engineer as he inspects it. Ends with an earthquake making it all happen in one day instead of 5 years. BORING!!!!

The Silver Call: Trek to Kraggen-Cor
-D. McKiernan-fantasy
-ever wonder what dwarves do? As much as this is a cutout Tolkien wannabe, I still found it very interesting. Analogous to the dwarves taking back the Mines of Moriah. Extremely slowpaced, ends with the main army arriving at the Dusk Door. But I rather enjoyed it. Just detailed, very lulling.

The Silver Call: The Brega Path
-D. McKiernan-fantasy
-dwarves successfully take Kraggen-Cor, but at fearful loss. The 2 Warrows learn the pain and heartache of war, and end up being historians after the war is done.