Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 In Review

1: Hogfather-Terry Pratchett-354
2: Hyperion Cantos: Endymion-Dan Simmons-563
3: Hyperion Cantos: The Rise of Endymion-Dan Simmons-709
4: Recluce: The Towers of the Sunset-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-359
5: Rurouni Kenshin #1-Nobuhiro Watsuki-199
6: Mars: A Princess of Mars-Edgar Rice Burroughs-160
7: Recluce: The Magic Engineer-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-617
8: Mars: The Gods of Mars-Edgar Rice Burroughs-195
9: Mars: The Warlord of Mars-Edgar Rice Burroughs-138
10: Les Miserables-Victor Hugo-1463
11: Recluce: The Order War-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-598
12: Star Wars: Darth Bane: Rule of Two-Drew Karpyshyn-318
13: Mars: Thuvia, Maid of Mars-Edgar Rice Burroughs-125
14: Spellsong: The Soprano Sorceress-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-664
15: Castle in the Air-Diana Wynne Jones-199
16: Dark Lord of Derkhom-Diana Wynne Jones-345
17: Spellsong: The Spellsong War-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-672
18: Bleak House Part I-Charles Dickens-511
19: The Martian Chronicles- Ray Bradbury-182
20: Something Wicked This Way Comes-Ray Bradbury-290
21: Quadrail: The Third Lynx-Timothy Zahn-350
22: Mars: The Chessmen of Mars-Edgar Rice Burroughs-222
23: Bleak House Part II-Charles Dickens-540
24: The Illustrated Man-Ray Bradbury-253
25: Princess and the Goblin-George MacDonald-161
26: Princess and Curdie-George MacDonald-160
27: The Roald Dahl Omnibus-Roald Dahl-682
28: Martin Chuzzlewit Part I-Charles Dickens-568
29: The Old Man and the Sea-Ernest Hemingway-140
30: Howl's Moving Castle-Diana Wynne Jones-329
31: Recluce: The Death of Chaos-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-640
32: Hikaru No Go #1-Yumi Hotta-192
33: Hikaru No Go #2-Yumi Hotta-192
34: Hikaru No Go #3-Yumi Hotta-192
35: Hikaru No Go #4-Yumi Hotta-192
36: Hikaru No Go #5-Yumi Hotta-192
37: Hikaru No Go #6-Yumi Hotta-192
38: Book of the Gods: Ariadne's Web-Fred Saberhagen-412
39: Martin Chuzzlewit Part II-Charles Dickens-563
40: Little Women-Louisa May Alcott-669
41: Mars: Mastermind of Mars-Edgar Rice Burroughs-160
42: Hikaru No Go #7-Yumi Hotta-192
43: Hikaru No Go #8-Yumi Hotta-192
44: Hikaru No Go #9-Yumi Hotta-192
45: Hikaru No Go #10-Yumi Hotta-192
46: Hikaru No Go #11-Yumi Hotta-192
47: Hikaru No Go #12-Yumi Hotta-192
48: Hikaru No Go #13-Yumi Hotta-192
49: Hikaru No Go #14-Yumi Hotta-192
50: Hikaru No Go #15-Yumi Hotta-192
51: Hikaru No Go #16-Yumi Hotta-192
52: Battle Royale #1-Koushun Takami-216
53: Gravity Dreams-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-468
54: The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Wind-Fuyumi Ono-317
55: Hikaru No Go #17-Yumi Hotta-192
56: Hikaru No Go #18-Yumi Hotta-192
57: Hikaru No Go #19-Yumi Hotta-192
58: Hikaru No Go #20-Yumi Hotta-192
59: Hikaru No Go #21-Yumi Hotta-192
60: Hikaru No Go #22-Yumi Hotta-192
61: Hikaru No Go #23-Yumi Hotta-192
62: MeruPuri #1-Matsuri Hino-200
63: MeruPuri #2-Matsuri Hino-200
64: MeruPuri #3-Matsuri Hino-200
65: MeruPuri #4-Matsuri Hino-200
66: IT-Stephen King-1138
67: The Old Curiosity Shop Part I-Charles Dickens-362
68: The Old Curiosity Shop Part II-Charles Dickens-355
69: Recluce: Fall of Angels-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-592
70: Azazel-Isaac Asimov-221
71: The Stand-Stephen King-1153
72: Star Wars: Republic Commando: True Colors-Karen Traviss-472
73: Mars: A Fighting Man of Mars-Edgar Rice Burroughs-200
74: Recluce: The Chaos Balance-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-596
75: One Piece #16-Eiichiro Oda-188
76: Shaman King #13- Hiroyuki Takei-190
77: The Great Gatsby-F. Scott Fitzgerald-159
78: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles #13-Clamp-208
79: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles #14-Clamp-192
80: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles #15-Clamp-192
81: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles #16-Clamp-192
82: Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet-Arthur Conan Doyle-86
83: Founding of the Commonwealth: Phylogenesis-Alan Dean Foster-327
84: Founding of the Commonwealth: Dirge-Alan Dean Foster-310
85: Shaman King #14- Hiroyuki Takei-190
86: Shaman King #15- Hiroyuki Takei-185
88: One Piece #17-Eiichiro Oda-206
89: Middlemarch-George Elliot-800
90: Founding of the Commonwealth: Diuturnity's Dawn-Alan Dean Foster-341
91: Pudd'nhead Wilson-Mark Twain-224
92: Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four-Arthur Conan Doyle-100
93: Little Dorrit Part I-Charles Dickens-433
94: Recluce: The White Order-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-468
95: Temeraire: Empire of Ivory-Naomi Novik-404
96: Little Dorrit Part II-Charles Dickens-398
97: The Four Loves-Clive Staples Lewis-192
98: Deathnote #13: How to Read-Tsugumi Ohba-270
99: The Catteni: Freedom's Landing-Anne McCaffrey-342
100: Cheaper By The Dozen-Frank Gilbreth, Jr & Ernestine Carey-180
101: Runelords: The Sum of All Men-David Farland-613
102: Retief!-Keith Laumer-589
103: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles #17-Clamp-182
104: Recluce: Colors of Chaos-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-798
105: The Fifth Elephant-Terry Pratchett-494
105: Recluce: Magi'i of Cyador-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-560
106: Prophet-Frank Peretti-461
107: Malazan Book of the Fallen: Gardens of the Moon-Steven Erikson-488
108: Night Watch-Terry Pratchett-338
109: The Dark Side of the Sun-Terry Pratchett-158
110: Fruits Basket #18-Natsuki Takaya-209
111: Barnaby Rudge-Charles Dickens-599
112: Corean Chronicles: Legacies-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-558
113: Recluce: Scion of Cyador-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-720
114: Malazan Book of the Fallen: Deadhouse Gates-Steven Erikson-598
115: Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Fury- Aaron Allston-356
116: Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Revelation- Karen Traviss-410
117: Corean Chronicles: Darkness-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-492
118: Starswarm-Jerry Pournelle-349
119: In Legend Born-Laura Resnick-461
120: Taken: The Light-Years Beneath My Feet-Alan Dean Foster-245
121: In Fire Forged: The White Dragon-Laura Resnick-491
122: Green Rider: Green Rider-Kristen Britain-504
123: Malazan Book of the Fallen: Memories of Ice-Steven Erikson-781
124: Invasive Procedures-Orson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston-352
125: Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Invincible- Troy Denning-299
126: Corean Chronicles: Scepters-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-624
127: In Fire Forged: The Destroyer Goddess-Laura Resnick-478
128: Green Rider: First Rider's Call-Kristen Britain-484
129: Oh My Goddess! #29-Kosuke Fujishima-156
130: The Looking Glass Wars-Frank Beddor-376
131: Green Rider: The High King's Tomb-Kristen Britain-679
132: Forward the Foundation-Isaac Asimov-480
133: Hard Times-Charles Dickens-257
134: The Holly-Tree- Charles Dickens-32
135: StarWars: Republic Commando: Order 66-Karen Traviss-432
136: Shannara: Genesis of Shannara: The Gypsy Morph-Terry Brooks-402
137: The Octagonal Raven-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-432
138: Dune: Paul of Dune-Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderseron-512
139: Temeraire: Victory of Eagles-Naomi Novik-329
140: Great Expectations- Charles Dickens- 479
141: The Mystery of Edwin Drood- Charles Dickens-230
142: Oliver Twist-Charles Dickens-501
143: Recluce: Wellspring of Chaos-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-400
144: Paradise: Saint-Ted Dekker-347
145: Foundation-Isaac Asimov-227
146: Foundation & Empire-Isaac Asimov-227
147: Second Foundation-Isaac Asimov-225
148: Mars: Swords of Mars-Edgar Rice Burroughs-208
149: Landover: Witches' Brew-Terry Brooks-304
150: Skin-Ted Dekker-349
151: Recluce: Ordermaster-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-494
152: Quadrail: Odd Girl Out-Timothy Zahn-379
153: Looking Glass: Into the Looking Glass-John Ringo-366
154: The Bronze Canticles: Mystic Warrior-Tracy and Laura Hickman-433
155: The Singer's Crown-Elaine Isaak-469
156: War of the Spider Queen: Dissolution-Richard Byers-344
157: War of the Spider Queen: Insurrection-Thomas Reid-338
158: Elminster: The Making of a Mage-Ed Greenwood-312
159: Where the Sidewalk Ends-Shel Silverstein-166
160: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed-Sean Williams-319
161: Looking Glass: Vorpal Blade- John Ringo & Travis Taylor-400
162: Alice's Adventure in Wonderland-Lewis Carroll-144
163: Through the Looking Glass-Lewis Carrol-164
164: War of the Spider Queen: Condemnation-Richard Baker-344
165: Not For Glory-Joel Rosenberg-232
166: Mistborn: The Hero of Ages-Brandon Sanderson-572
167: Elminster: In Myth Drannor-Ed Greenwood-378
168: Fruits Basket #19-Natsuki Takaya-216
169: Fruits Basket #20-Natsuki Takaya-192
170: At the Back of the North Wind-George MacDonald-292
171: Eon-Greg Bear-412
172: Eternity-Greg Bear-346
173: Kare Kano #4-Masami Tsuda-194
174: Kare Kano #5-Masami Tsuda-197
175: Vellum: The Book of All Hours-Hal Duncan-463
176: One Piece #17-Eiichiro Oda-206
177: One Piece #18-Eiichiro Oda-223

Monday, December 29, 2008

December '08

-T. Reid-fantasy
-338- a group of drow go to another city to see if they too are plagued by Lolth's absence. They are and lesser houses are plotting to overthrow greater houses. Dwarven merc's are hired. The slaves revolt. The whole city is pretty much ruined. The group from the first city gets out at the end on their way to meet a priest who will hopefully help them find out why their god is absent. Sucks to be a drow, that is for sure. I'll read the 3rd book that I have, but that will be it. Not worth spending any more money on unless it is for a dollar or something.

-E. Greenwood-fantasy
-312-the beginnings of the mage known as Elminster. A huge hero in the forgotten realms lore, I gather. This book didn't so much read as it was almost a script for a D&D campaign. Given, Ed did make up D&D, but still. This was more 2D than a Terry Brooks book. So if you want a brainless magic read, this is the type of series for you. I shall be reading more Forgotten Realms to see if they are all like this. Might depend on the author I guess.

-S. Silverstein-children's poetry
-166-This had illustrations to go with it. Some of the poems would only make sense WITH the picture in fact. It was something silly to introduce the idea of poetry to children, imo. I'd read it to my kids.

-S. Williams-fantasy
-319-based upon the videogame of the same name. A nameless secret apprentice of Darth Vader's ends up helping to create the rebellion. This book was yet another good reason why most games don't make good books. This read like a game. Go here, do this, go there, do that. The character development was pretty nil. The contradictions in this story were huge, imo. A sith apprentice who easily switches over to the light? He changed the course of a StarDestroyer for goodness sake, with darkside power. That should have twisted him beyond recognition. It was just one big piece of crap. I didn't enjoy reading it and am glad it is not the beginning of a series, for I would have to skip it.

-J. Ringo & T. Taylor-military scifi
-400- the Vorpal Blade is a converted sub for space travel. Weaver and Miller and Mimi and Tuffi are all on board. The whole purpose of the sub is to explore and look for Dreen presence. They come across a couple of planets, the last which was inhabited. This book was ok. Not as much action as Into the Looking Glass, and the action that does happen seems to be mainly in the last half or so of the book. I thought Into the Looking Glass was worth owning. This was worth reading. I don't know if the libraries have any more of the series though.

-L. Carroll-juvenile fiction
-144-young Alice is bored, so she follows a rabbit down a rabbit hole and ends up in Wonderland. She shrinks and grows and shrinks and grows and meets all sorts of interesting characters. Then her sister wakes her up.

-L. Carroll-juvenile Fiction
-164-Alice walks through a Mirror and sees what is on the other side. It is a living chess board. She makes her way across the board and becomes a Queen. Then she wakes up. Both of the Alice books were a bit more on the light side than I'd remembered. Not bad, just I remembered them as having more of a "heft" than I found this time :-) Guess I am just getting old, hahaha.

-R. Baker-fantasy
-344-the group tries to find a wizard of another god to help them. He does, but betrays them and allows his god to enter and try to kill Lolth. No real desire to read the rest of the series. I certainly won't be buying them. The drow are jut horrible. Backstabbing, no trust, no hope. No race could have gone on like that for real. It would have imploded or torn itself apart.

-J. Rosenberg-scifi
-232-first, this author should not be confused with Joel C[!!!!] Rosenberg. Completely different guy. Writes about Israel though, go figure. Anyway, Israel was kicked out of the promised land and took over a desolate ball of a planet. Now they are mercenaries to support themselves. It was dedicated to a "Bob Adams". I'm going to find out if it is the Bob Adams I know. Wouldn't that be a kicker. Bleh story though. Grey describes it very well.

-B. Sanderson-fantasy
-572- the conclusion to the Mistborn trilogy. The power Vin released was Ruin. It was a force opposed by Preservation. Preservation made humans with some ruin so as to get an edge on Ruin. Ruin was trying to destroy the world, period. Preservation gave up its sentience to imprison Ruin. Vin freed Ruin in Well of Ascension but joined the mists and took on Preservations power. Fought with, and joined with, Ruin. Sazed took both those powers and became The Hero of Ages, basically a god watching over the world. Vin is no more and Elend dies to, so no loose ends. The story ends with Sazed fixing the world and keeping it safe for the remnant of humanity saved by the Lord Ruler's foresight. Definitely didn't take the direction I thought it would, but it was good none the less. Hope Sanderson does a good job on Memories of Light, the final Wheel of Time book.

-E. Greenwood-fantasy
-378- Elminster goes to the Elven kingdom to learn lots of magic and help the elves open up their kingdom. Almost all the elves want to kill him so he ends up spending 20+ years apprenticing to some unknown elven sorcerer. Everything works out in the end with one elvenhouse swearing eternal vengeance against him, so as to make room for more books ;-) Blase writing but a good time killer. Light.

-N. Takaya-manga
-blah, blah. Kyo confesses he could have saved Tohru's mom but didn't. Tohru continues to look for a cure to the bond, which basically consists of her moaning about how unworthy she is. I just read these books without remembering a thing from 18. To many people who look alike and act alike. Everytime I am like "Ok, who is THIS character again?". Bleh.

-G. MacDonald-children's fiction
-292- a little boy gets to know the North Wind, which is basically an angel of death for children. Sees the world, has adventures with his family, and then goes to the Back of the North Wind at the end of the book, which means he died. Can't say I really understood this very well. Filled with poems, songs, etc that I just skipped over. In essence, it seems to be a story about a little boy who dies. But it wasn't really sad.

-G. Bear-scifi
-412- humanity discovers an "alien" artifact in orbit around our world. Turns out to be from an alternate future in which the world almost destroyed itself. It appearing heightens tension between the Russians and the Americans and sets off what is called "The Death", the world almost destroying itself. Lots of humanity going digital. Assumes that that is possible. A pretty cool read. Lots of action with the Russians trying to take over the artifact. Bear wrote well, unlike his starwars stuff. He should stick to straight scifi.

-G. Bear- scifi
-346-the sequel to Eon. Not nearly as interesting. Lots of junk about the future affecting the past to cause itself. Explored what humanity might become. Why does it seem that most evolutionistic authors assume that we will all become some sort of group mind meld? More likely we will kill ourselves off first. I didn't enjoy this nearly as much as Eon.

-M. Tsuda-manga

-H. Duncan-fantasy
-463- profanity, obscenity, blasphemy, all these were what this book centered around. Humans become angels, the top angel became god, was overthrown. Angels, demons, whatever, are unkin. And a war wages between them all. The Vellum is under all, the "true reality" that can be rewritten. This book was very non-linear, almost like the author was on an acid trip or smoking pot when he wrote this. Duncan gloried in profanity and homosexuality, and a refusal to "choose" sides in a divine war. And it was just so full of emptiness, hopelessness and despair. Who would want that kind of world view? Ugh.

ONE PIECE #17-18
-E. Oda-manga
-reread 17 to orient myself properly for 18.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

November '08

-C. Dickens-classic
-479- a young boy helps a convict and he in turns makes the boy's fortune later in life and in secret. It all comes to naught though and the convict dies and the boy, now a man, must make it on his own. I enjoyed this story, but the main character, except right at the end, is one of the typical "gentlemen" of the times. Loose with money, miserable and doing anything to make that misery disappear. He is a shallow, selfish jerk. Redeemed at the end, but 20-30 pages against 430+ doesn't do a whole lot.

-C. Dickens-classic
-230- Dickens' last novel, unfinished. A young man, Edwin Drood, is affianced to a young lady who his uncle is in love with. The uncle is a scoundrel, in secret. Edwin disappears and suspicion is thrown on a young man who is also in love with the fiance. Probably the uncle though. But we will never know. It just ends, very abruptly. Drat that Dickens' for dying! As bad that Jordan guy ;-)

-C. Dickens-classic
-501- a young boy is brought up on the streets but taken in by kind people. Goes through various struggles and ends up being the rightful heir to a deadman. More of a social commentary on the workhouses of the times. Horrible places and run by hypocrites. Young Oliver is an innocent and a joy to read about.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-400- Kharl the cooper saves a neighbors daughter from rape. Then he saves a young black staffer from Recluce. The man he thwarts is the son of the local lord. Kharl's consort is killed, his sons leave him and his cooperage is taxed out of his control. He leaves, learns some about Order on his own and helps a ruler from being displaced. Gets lands and a title in another land. Probably going to be a sequel about him going back to his land and giving justice. This was the most "novel" of them to date. Not much repetition and noise words.

-T. Dekker-fiction
-347- a sequel to Showdown, of sorts. A man has been stripped of his very identity and memories and rebuilt, many times. He is an assassin. He doesn't know when something is a test or the real thing as he is conditioned. He is sent to kill the US President but meets up with Samuel and David Abraham from Showdown. Turns out he is Johnny from Paradise and he has special powers. He comes to a showdown of his own with a fictitious character named The Englishman who has similar powers. Johnny ends up 'believing' and loses his normal eyesight but gains something like Ghostriders soulsear eyesight or something. Also uses 2 sentences to tie in House, which I thought was wicked cool. Pretty shallow, but I enjoyed it and would consider buying it.

-I. Asimov-scifi
-227-a galaxy spanning empire of 12 millenia is crumbling. One man, Hari Seldon, uses psychohistory to plot a course to shorten the new dark age from 30,000 years to 1000 years. To do this, he establishes 2 Foundations. This book deals with the First Foundation, a collection of scientists who embody all the collective knowledge needed to bring about the Second Galactic Empire. Follows the Foundation through the first couple of hundred years as it weathers "Seldon Crises" and becomes the nucleus of the New Empire.

-I. Asimov-scifi
-227-the Foundation comes head to head with the remnant of the First Empire and conquers it. A genetic mutant with the ability to twist peoples emotions ends up foiling the Seldon Plan and taking over the galaxy. Introduces the Second Foundation, a foundation of Mentalists. The Mule, the mutant, hunts them down to destroy them. The book ends with him being foiled by a couple who are First Foundationers.

-I. Asimov-scifi
-225- the Mule continues his hunt. Comes head to head with the Second Foundation, loses and never realizes it. After his demise, the First Foundation feels threatened and begins to try to hunt down the Second Foundation so as to be unrivaled. Through some tricky mindstuff, the Second Foundation, which is to be the true guardian of psychohistory, convinces the First Foundation that they have been destroyed. These three novels were written back in the 50's and they are just good vintage scifi. Simple, easy and yet extremely enjoyable.

-E.R. Burroughs-scifi
-208-John Carter goes to another city to break up an assassins guild. They in turn kidnap his wife. End up going to a moon of mars and back to rescue her. Ugh. I can't stand these anymore. I wish I hadn't bought them. Well, I will end up finishing the series next year. Only 3 more stories to go. But I need at least 4 months between these.

-T. Brooks-fantasy
-304-Ben and Willow's child is kidnapped by Nightshade. Nightshade uses the child's magic against Ben before he gets a clue and realizes what is going on. Ends with everything ok and Nightshade as a crow in our world. This book had absolutely nothing interesting in it. Which is why it was the last of the Landover novels. But it was typical Brooks, so who knows why this series didn't take off like the Shannara one.

-T. Dekker-suspense/thriller
-349- a killer is on the loose in a smalltown and seems hellbent on having 5 specific people kill each other, based on who is most ugly. It is just weird. Turns out it is all in a "game" that is testing new tech on epileptic people. But the badguy is one of the players turned bad. This was a thriller through and through. Some very vague references to universal truths, but without Christ, so it seemed like they were just kind of thrown in. I enjoyed this, knowing that things were NOT as they seemed, but having no idea how they were not :-) Dekker likes colors in regards to his villians names-Marsuvees Black, Barsidious White, Sterling Red in this one. Two things I didn't care for; 1: Tied it to the Circle Trilogy world, probably in reference to his new Lost Books quaddrilogy, just too blatant. 2: It ends with them still in the game, and you never know when or if they'll get out. Other than those 2 things, this was a fantastic page turner that just entertained the darkside of me :-)

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-494- Kharl goes back to his homecountry and ends up finding a new consort and killing off a bunch of white mages and Egen, the man responsible for killing his family and driving him from Brysta. I enjoyed this, but nothing special in any way.

-T. Zahn-scifi
-379-Compton and Bayta help a girl who is part of a group. This group is in symbiosis with a variant of the Mhodri, in an attempt for the Chahwyn to create an army of their own to fight back against the Mhodri. This was so filled with "I know that they know that I know that I will do this to..." that it was just confusing. Read the first 2 or 3 chapters, read the last 3 chapters, and your have the story in a nutshell. I enjoyed this only because I enjoyed the previous 2 books in the series. Pretty blase work though. I really hope Zahn ups his game in any forthcoming Quadrail books or I'm afraid they just won't be worth reading.

-J. Ringo-military scifi
-366- basically take Doom and parts of Starcraft, specificall the Zerg, add in some military hardware jargon and you've got this book. Some rogue physicist creates some kind of gate that throws out bosun particles, which allow gates to be opened to other planets. The dreen come through one and we go through another and meet some friendly aliens. The dreen take over planets and suck them dry of resources. The dreen are zerglike, growing creatures for specific needs. Besides some profanity and some seriously over the top weapon specifications[it IS military scifi though], this was enjoyable. I plan on reading some more in this series.

-T.&L. Hickman-fantasy
-433- 3 worlds. One of men, dragons and dwarves. One of goblins and mechanical titans. One of elves, dryads, nyads, etc. One man, Galen, is taken as an "Elect", or madman under the laws of the dragonkings. He dreams of another world. The fae world. His dreams and communications within them become real. Begins the start of humanity throwing off the chains of the dragonkings. It seems that all 3 worlds are somehow going to become one and the dreams are precursor to it. It seems that communication between worlds opens up the user to a well of "deep magic". Plan on finishing the series.

-E. Isaak-fantasy
-469- this novel had an interesting plotline. A king dies, his brother kills his heirs and wife but lets his fave nephew live, but castrates him and sends him to live with singing monks. The nephew comes back many years later and retakes his throne. Ok, now the real review. This was a HORRIBLE book. By horrible, I mean I would gladly do physical violence to the author to prevent her from ever writing again. Why, you ask? Let me tell you. This lady either hates men, doesn't understand them AT all OR has some insane desire for men to actually be women inside. ALL the male good characters are the most effeminate, emotional, wussy and plain cowardly wusses I have ever wanted to throttle and then run through. How many times can you read about men "...touched his shoulder and gazed into his eyes" without wanting to just totally puke it all up! And the thing is, it is not at all homosexual. It is just girly. Men acting like women, WRONGO!

-L. Byers-fantasy
-344-a forgotten realms novel. This series is about the drow, dark elves. The ones living beneath the earth. They worship some spider goddess, who is apparently doing something of her own and leaving them to fend for themselves. Chronicles what is happening as the ruling caste loses their power. The drow appear to be the worst kind of creature I could imagine. Elves, but with no love, no honor, nothing good. Pure ambition, even to the hurt of their own houses. I only have the first 3 books and the libraries don't have the rest, so I don't know if I'll be finishing this series or not.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

October '08

-K. Britain-fantasy
-679-well, this is turning into a series. A VERY good series to! This deals with King Zachary and more remnants of the Second Empire. An old woman, a necromancer awakened by Mornhavon's awakening, plans the kidnapping of Estoria, Zachary's bride to be. This is simply a diversion to allow the Second Empire to use black magic to take down the Deyer Wall. This book focuses on the wall. Alton plays a big part. Find out the history of the land and what happened after Mornhavon's defeat. I really am looking forward to the rest of this series.

-I. Asimov-scifi
-480-the immediate prequel to the Foundation Trilogy [which I shall now have to reread]. Seldon is on Trantor and trying to get psychohistory ready in time. This book covers about 30+ years. Not really interesting unless one was a big Foundation buff, which I am not. Founds the first Foundation and uses his granddaughter as the nucleus for the Second Foundation.

-C. Dickens-257
-classic-a story set in a small town. A man raises his children with regard for nothing but "Facts!" One marries a much older man because she doesn't care about anything and it will help her brother and the brother becomes a selfish idiot. Brother robs a bank and through it all the family realizes that there is much MORE than just "facts!" to life.

-C. Dickens-32
-classic-a short story. A man believes his beloved is in love with his friend, so he determines to leave for America and forget his troubles. A snowstorm strands him at an inn, the Holly-Tree, and he thinks about all the inns he's been in. After the snowstorm his friend rides up with his new bride, who turns out to be the main character's beloved's cousin. So the main character goes back to his love and marries her. Just a short little narrative that is filled with Dicken's way of describing everything, very evocative.

-K. Traviss-432
-scifi-the final Republic Commando novel, supposedly. We will see though, since she left several "openings" for later stories. Basically, everything comes to a head and the RC's under Skirata disappear and go to Mandalore to start their new lives. Etain, the jedi who had a baby with a clone, is killed as they are trying to leave Coruscant. I really enjoyed this story, much more story than the previous. I really hope the bookclub carries this and the previous as a combo.

-T. Brooks-402
-fantasy- a typical Brooks novel. Hawk, the gypsy morph, gathers a group and goes to a safe place. Elves all go into the Lodenstone and are also taken to the Safehaven. Findo Gask is supposedly destroyed by a combination of the Elfstone magic and Tom Logan's Knight of the Word magic. I don't believe it. I think he is the Warlock/Morgawr. Ends with Hawk going into a magical sleep and placing a protective mist around the new enclave and some insane soldier firing off all the remaining nukes that America has. Really doesn't say how our world "changed" into Shannara, just shows the end of ours. I was really hoping for more. I bet he writes another trilogy taking place one generation after this one though. Milk that cash cow ;-)

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-432
-scifi- this is comparable to Gravity Dreams, but not quite so sickeningly preachy. I didn't enjoy it at all though. In the future, humans are augmented by nanites, but the well off get more, etc, etc. A class of augments wants to become the ruling elite and attempts to use the media to do it. A younger son of one of the Big Three in the media ends up opposing them and winning. It was SO boring. I shall stick to his Corean Chronicles and Recluce stuff from now on.

-B. Herbert & K. Anderson-scifi
-512- Two stories about Paul Atreides. One is set between Dune and Dune Messiah. Tells of the beginning of the Jihad and the starting of the Empire of Maud'dib. The other is from Paul's childhood. Both are interesting but it felt like they were put together in one book because neither had enough substance on its own. Enjoyable if one is a Dune fan, but I couldn't really recommend it to anyone else.

-N. Novik-fantasy
-329- Now this was a good story. Napolean has landed in England and the English are in shambles. Lots of politic'ing and Laurence and Temeraire are allowed to do what they need to. Fighting and dragons making their own tactics, quite interesting. Ends with Napolean's army being smashed and Britain liberated. Laurence is exiled to Australia and Temeraire too, since the House of Lords don't want a rogue dragon around. Hopefully Novik's next book will follow in the action vein of this one.

Friday, September 26, 2008

September '08

-L. Resnick-fantasy
-491-sequel to In Legend Born. Nothing has improved in her writing that I could tell. Since Josarian is dead, another goddess, this time a sea goddess, gets involved in things and stirs the pot. The gods of this world are horrible. Uncaring, selfish, all the worst of fallen humanity but without its limitations. This story is definitely going for the epic feel, but I am just not feeling it. I certainly connect with the characters, even the villains. Characterization is great but I almost feel like I'm reading a B-movie novelization in regards to plot.

-K. Britain-fantasy
-504-this is Britain's first novel, and yes, it shows. There are times that you have to shake your head and wonder how long between her reading of Tolkien and her writing her story. A dire threat is somewhat foiled by a young girl who ends up joining the Green Riders. Green Riders are magic users and completely loyal to the king. 2 more books in this series. Bordered on the young/adult line for me.

-S. Erikson-fantasy
-781-taking place during and immediately after Deadhouse Gates. Paran is now Lord of the Decks [which recognizes "legitimate" gods]. Turns out that the Crippled god is actually an alien forced into our dimension 100's of thousands of years ago and now he is trying to destroy everything here in revenge. He is playing a great game of war. This book deals with various factions putting down an army of his that is led by a Jaghut. Details alot more about the Imass and the Jaghuts in the far past. Has lots to do with the rise and fall of gods, ascendants and the like. It is incredibly sad. Yet the writing is SO incredible that whenever I read a fantasy book right after one of these, the fantasy book seems so shallow and 2d by comparison. This was the last that the libraries have and Crystal doesn't feel comfortable having them in our house, so I guess I am done with them. I shall, hopefully, remember these books as some of the most incredible, detailed, indepth and utterly fantastic books that I have ever read.

-O.S. Card, A. Johnston-medical thriller
-352-a renegade geneticist is nearing completion of his plan to 'uplift' humanity, with himself in control. A Biohazard Agency agent stops it all from going down. I suspect that Card's name was on this more for sell'ability than anything else. A nice light read.

-T. Denning-fantasy
-299-the end of the Legacy series. I was glad it was done. Jaina kills Caedus, who in the end allows himself to be killed so that he can send a warning to Tenel'ka about a virus directed at their daughter. Everything just wrapped up so quickly and neatly once Caedus was out of the way. The series went out with a whimper, in my opinion. This book was as good as the rest of the series though.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-624-the end of the first trilogy of the Corean Chronicles. Wendra and Alucius both get some additional training by the Soarers. They push back an assault by the ifrits. Then they recover some sort of "life sapper" device [the scepters] which links to the one on Efran, the ifrits home world. They travel to Efran via the Tables and destroy the Master Scepter. Without that, Efran collapses on itself and Corus is safe evermore from them. Modesitt uses to many predictable simple things to stretch out the story. Why does he insist on telling us everytime Alucius is thirsty and takes a drink? After the first book, that type of thing should have been dropped. Oh well, probably a holdover from his writings on Recluce. Formulaic. I will take a break from Modesitt for awhile and visit him again next year.

-L. Resnick-fantasy
-478- the conclusion to this trilogy. Sharifar, a sea goddess, gets her new consort. Tansen and Zarien end up killing Killoran. Lots of things happen. Josarian's spirit had never gone to the afterlife and it became Dar's new consort. I think this whole series could be summed up by this sentence in the book: ...Dar demanded her due...worship her, praise her, comfort her and offer her their lives. I did not like this, even though in the end everything prophesied came out ok. I would not recommend this series to anyone nor will I be seeking out anymore of Mz. Resnick's books.

-K. Britain-fantasy
-484-a good successor to Green Rider. Karrigan resists actually joining the Green Riders, but is "haunted" by Lil Ambrioth, the First Rider and eventually joins up. Mornhavon the Black's consciousness is awakening in the Black Forest. Alton goes to the breach in the wall to attempt to repair it. He ends up being fooled by Mornhavon and almost destroys it. Karrigan foils a plot by the "Second Empire" [original descendants loyal to Mornhavon] and sends Mornhavon into the future to give Acoria time to prepare some kind of magical defense. Much more original than the first novel. Looking forward to the end of this trilogy, in a good way.

-K. Fujishima-manga

-F. Beddor-fantasy
-376- an alternate "take" on Alice in Wonderland. Alyss is a young princess in Wonderland. Her parents, the King and Queen, are deposed by Alyss's Aunt Redd. Alyss escapes to our world, lives there for 13years, and then comes back and rescues Wonderland. Twists Alice in Wonderland into something completely different. A very cool idea. However, this book is a bit shallow. It was like looking at snapshots. Alyss at 7, Alyss at 14, Alyss at 20. No character development, even though Beddor does "try". It comes up VERY lacking when compared to the original, which is to bad. I think that a younger, less experienced mind would appreciate this story more. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone, too much glitter and glazz without the substance to make the g&g palatable.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

August '08

-A. Allston-fantasy
-356-Incredible, it has been nearly a year since I read Inferno. I slipped right back into the Star Wars universe though. Caedus kidnaps Allana. Reveals to her that he is her father. Centerpoint is made operational and subsequently destroyed by the Jedi. The Jedi are preparing themselves to be a third "galactic" government of sorts. Luke lets go of Mara. Ben lets go of his hatred of Caedus. While destroying Centerpoint, other Jedi rescue Allana and Han and Leia find out that she is Caedus and Tenel Ka's daughter. Jaina, Zekk and Jag take down Alema Rar. Han and Leia are given new Mando armor. Ends with Jaina heading off to get "extra" training to take down Caedus. You know she is heading to Fett. And since Traviss is writing the next book, it is a given. Only 2 more books to go.

-K. Traviss-fantasy
-410- well, I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. Caedus is really slipping. Doesn't seem like much of a Sithlord at all. The GA fractures when the Duumvirate of Caedus and Niathal splits. Ben proves with evidence that it was Caedus who killed Mara. Jaina gets training from Fett. Fett uncarbonites his wife who has been in it for close to 30 years. I was mostly disappointed in how lame and shallow the "training" of Jaina was by Fett. Saying things like "be a different person" and then using a real sword instead of a lightsaber. Whatever. Everything takes place in a month too. Just seemed very shallow, and there were no humorous spots to lighten things up like in Fury. And LOTS of humanistic moralizing about Jedi, Sith and what is good and what is wrong. Traviss has ruined it by bringing her 21st century humanistic amoralism to the table.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-492- the Iron Valley becomes part of Lanachrona. Alucius and the militia become the Northern Guard and go to fight nomads in the north. Ends up fighting talent creatures [pteridons]. Ends with Alucius getting extra Talent training from the soarers so he can fight Ifrits, beings who used to rule the world. I enjoyed reading this book. I really did my best to enjoy the story without wanting to buy the series. I think I succeeded. I have enough books of my own I haven't read that I won't be reading the next for quite some time.

-J. Pournelle-scifi
-349-a young boy, with an implant, who is the unknown heir of a huge interplanetary conglomerate, foils a plot to take over his adopted world and discovers native intelligence. This was EXTREMELY reminiscent of Heinlein's juvenile scifi. I enjoyed it but it lacked depth. It was good for what it was.

-L. Resnick-fantasy
-461-first, Resnick is Mike Resnick's [of Santiago fame] daughter. This story was ok. It had the token warrior, evil magic user, good magic user who prophesied, prophesied hero, hero's family member who would betray him and the woman who nobody can resist. A country has been subjugated for 1000 years. Infighting and feuds keep them weak. A world spanning empire rules them. Suddenly the Hero fights for freedom. Everybody else wants freedom now too! Feuds, fights, hatreds and hundreds of years of superstition are gone in a matter of months. I enjoyed reading this, but after reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen books, it was very underdeveloped and showed the authors lack of understanding on how politics and military strategy work, especially in a sword and shield era. The little blurbs on the back were nothing but hype, and I am reacting to those more than the story in this review. This was a good, generic, forgettable fantasy story.

-A.D. Foster-scifi
-245-the second in the Taken Trilogy. The four friends go to another planet since Marc is now a chef. End up meddling in politics to further their journey home. Still pursued by the aliens that originally kidnapped them. Ends with them leaving for a part of the galaxy that "might" be familiar with one of the non-terran aliens. Nice and light and not crass like the first.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

July '08

-T. Pratchett-fantasy
-338-Vimes goes back in time and must resolve a time conundrum to make "his" future happen. Vimes is getting old. Character age wise. Also interesting wise. Pratchett needs to move on. This whole book screamed "tired" at me. Sure, there were amusing parts, but overall, it seemed that trying to read it was as hard a process as Vimes getting up in the morning. The Discworld "ride" is slowing down and almost at the gate for debarking. I just hope Pratchett knows when to stop.

-T. Pratchett-fantasy
-158-written back in '76, this is one of Pratchett's pre-Discworld novels. BUT. So many of the names and ideas from discworld were in this novel. Basically, a young man finds the creators of the known universe, the Jokers, who are now little lizards on his homeworld. It was a crazy story with huge jumps from point to point. A serious precursor to Discworld. Pratchett wrote one little book and then expanded it to a whole series and called it the Discworld :-)

-N. Takaya-manga
-209- this manga is no longer about Tohru, but about the cursed Soma family. I don't like this. Every single member of the clan is the most messed up person ever. Doesn't exactly make for uplifting reading. Ever time I get tempted to go buy Fruits Basket, I just read the next volume and it depresses me and the desire to buy disappears.

-C. Dickens-classic
-599-An idiot[mentally retarded], Barnaby is swept up into mob action of protestants against catholics. Is caught and sentenced to hang, but in the end his many friends save him. Sidestories of an innkeepers son and a smith's daughter. A catholic landholders niece and a protestant "lord"'s son. Barnaby's father, who supposedly died many years ago. The protestant "lord"'s illegitimate son and his rabble rousing companions. Overall, it was a fictional account of a non-fictional incident [the riots of "something or other" or 1786 or whatever]. Dickens never writes just one story, but about 4-6 interweaving stories that are all tangentially connected. Good stuff!

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-558-a different series by Modesitt. A young man, a herder with some sort of talent, goes into a local militia. In a fight, is captured and taken prisoner. Forced to wear a collar that can kill unless orders are obeyed, he joins the other side. The other side is run by the Matrial, an ageless woman. In the end, the man destroys a crystal which seems to be the Matrial's lifesupport and takes a company of soldiers back to his homeland. I really enjoyed this story. A completely different flavor than Recluce and a very different writing style. It flowed, more novel like, instead of the choppiness that permeates the Recluce books. Look forward to reading more.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-720-Lorn becomes Emperor of Cyador in the end. This was a pretty flat book. It was like drinking cola that has been sitting open in the fridge all night long. It has taste, but not something you really want or like. I felt no connection with Lorn and I didn't see how him becoming Emperor would enable him to save Cyador. New faces but same problems and gridlock. Blah.

-S. Erikson-fantasy
-598- oh man, where to start? I'm not really going into the plot, too many different threads, almost Dickensesque. I really enjoy this series. Erikson pays attention to detail, has a very fullbodied storyline and obviously has an overarching storyline. First thing though, it all gets confusing. Creatures more powerful than gods. So many different kinds, names, etc, etc. It seems to be getting to the point where being a god is pointless because there are so many other things just as, if not more, powerful. Second, nobody is safe. Anybody can die. Of course, nobody is of the Heroic Cast, so you dont really feel happy or sad about them. Thirdly, this book seemed filled with the hopelessness of living in such a world. One characters sums it up as "smile, what else is there?" There really is no hope for characters. Even death isn't always final, nor is it necessarily a release. Nor is god-hood a safety. There are things meant to simply deal with the powerful. I wouldn't want to live in this world, not at all!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

June '08

-D. Farland-fantasy
-613-a universe where endowments [brawn, wit, beauty, etc] can be taken and given. One Wolf Lord is trying to take over. A prince becomes a legendary king, the Earth King. Humanity has a common enemy called Reavers, some sort of huge insect like race. It was an ok story, but I wasn't wow'ed or really impressed.

-K. Laumer-scifi
-589-a bunch of short stories about a diplomat named Jame Retief. He works in the CDT, a galaxy spanning Corp that is about as helpful as the Circumlocution Office in a Dickens' novel. He actually gets things done. Light and amusing. I like Laumer's stuff.


-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-798-continues the story of Cerryl. This is a counter-story to Dorrin's tales. Really interesting to see how a True White is committed to protecting the weak and seeing that all play fair. I thought that the two books involving Cerryl were some of the best in the Recluce Saga.

-Terry Pratchett-fantasy
-494-Vimes goes to Uberwald as a diplomat. Lots of things happen and Ankh Morpork gets good deals with the dwarves. It seems that Pratchett has replaced Rincewind [and other wizards] and the witches with Vimes. I am not sure how I feel about this. Vimes is a good protagonist but I really enjoyed the hapless terror that was the daily deal for Rincewind.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-560-deals with Cyador. Near the end of its reign. The white power that the magi'i use is definitely on a different level than what the future white wizards use. Lorn is a magi who doesn't quite cut it so is sent to become a Lancer. He is constantly the center of plots to get rid of him. He has his own plots to take over Cyador. Deals a LOT with the Forest, that is restrained.

-F. Peretti-religious fiction
-461-A forties something news anchor must deal with God. His father is a prophet, who is killed. He is given the mantle and must confront the current governor about lies about abortion and the death of the governor's oldest daughter. A bit fluffy. The thing I really didn't like was how characters were thrown together without any apparent intro. I had to reread parts several times to make sure I hadn't missed something. I'd buy it hardover if I could find it cheap.

-S. Erikson-fantasy
-488- An empire of humans is trying to take over the world, the Malazan Empire. There are also a plethora of gods, old and new, several additional races [all of which seem to be old and dying out] and various types of magics. Complicated. The Empress, who ousted the Emperor 15-20 years before the book starts, seems bent on taking over all that she can while also wiping out those in the army who still respect the Emperor. Follows one company who is set for destruction, called the Bridgeburners. Some High Magical Lord of an Elder race who must face a resurrected Tyrant who ruled for close to 3 Millenia back in the day. Gods playing around with fate and it is all tied together, even if not directly. Complicated, confusing and very indepth. I still don't feel like I have a grasp on everything that happened. I know that I missed stuff when I skimmed, but there was SO much that I couldn't help but skim. Definitely looking forward to reading more though.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May '08

-G. Elliot-classic
-800-a look at a village named Middlemarch in the 1830's. Lots of people acting like people, ie, selfish and stupid. It was interesting, but people refused to talk to eachother and that really annoys me.

-A.D. Foster-scifi
-341-I didn't even know what Diuturnity meant. It means "long lasting". This novel is about the actual founding of the HumanX commonwealth. Each book became less interesting than the previous.

-M. Twain-classic
-224- a negro woman switches her baby and her masters. The new young master grows up and ends up killing his uncle for money. Is caught by the work of Pudd'nhead Wilson, a lawyer who has an interest in fingerprints. Ends with the switch being revealed and the new young master being sold down the river[they are in their 20's].

-A.C. Doyle-mystery
-100-a man is murdered. He is connected to another missing man, who has a daughter who comes to Holmes and Watson. Turns out there is a huge indian treasure involved. 4 men stole it and hid it. Then went to prison. The murdered and missing man found out about it and made a deal to free the prisoners for a part. Backstabbing. Prisoner escapes and takes his revenge. Watson ends up marrying the daughter.

-C. Dickens-classic
-433-a man and his family go into debtors prison. 20+ years later, through the efforts of a 40 yearold man recently returned from China, they come into money. Dickens has so many different threads all running at once that it is hard to define just what the exact story is. There is the story of Little Dorrit[youngest daughter, born in prison], of her family, of Mr Clennam [the middleaged man from china who it appears Little Dorrit is in love with], of some italian who has a tie to an english murderer, to Mr Clennam's business partner[who is in perpetual warfare with the Circumlocution Office of government]. It is SO fascinating though. Dickens descriptions of his character is perfect. From comparing them to inanimate objects in mannerisms to how they simply talk, you KNOW what Character X is like. I am just in awe.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-468-Finally, a novel from a white wizards point of view. From the time of Justin and Gunnar. A young white ends up being a wizard under Jeslek while trying to figure out everything. Shows that the White Order was in place to check unbridled chaos wizards[which is what happened in the time of Lerris]. Much more enjoyable than the Justin and Gunnar arc.

-N. Novik-fantasy
-404-dragons of England are all sick. Temeraire isn't. They figure it must be something he ate in Africa on his journey back from China. Bunch of sick dragons go to Africa. Find a cure. Laurence and others are captured by a tribe of Africans and taken prisoner. The tribe of humans and dragons wipes out all European towns along the coast. Laurence and others escape to England. English infect rest of European dragons, now that they have a cure. Laurence and Temeraire go to France with the cure. Ends with Laurence and Temeraire preparing to head back to England to face court-martial for treason. Ok, Novik is a history buff.It shows. Once again, the dragons are given very little character developement time. They are almost just a sideshow to allow Novik to probe into alternate history. I don't care 2 bits about most of what goes on in the human society, I want dragons! And Novik insists of slogging through the human society and dragging us along.

-C. Dickens-classic
-398-everything comes to an end. Fortunes are lost and gained. In the end, Rigaud dies, Clennam marries Little Dorrit and Doyce [his business parter] goes off to Europe to be wildly successful at inventing things. I think I really enjoyed this Dickens novel the best of all I've read so far. I just wanted to keep on reading and find out what happened. I can't really point out what I liked more than in his other novels, but this is my favorite Dickens, to date.

-C.S. Lewis-religious
-192- can't say that I really enjoyed this. About the four different kinds of love. Lewis, however, goes into so many different kinds of love that I was lost almost from the beginning. Good points about "love", not sublimated to God's Will, being demoniac and "God usurping", but not a clear, concise read. I hope to reread this several times in my life, and to understand it a bit more each time.

-T. Ohba-manga
-270-this is pretty much an encyclopedia of everything in the Deathnote series. Character bios, explanations of who did what and why, etc, etc. Even had the original "Deathnote" pilot chapter that Ohba wrote. A bit of a hard read, since there was just SO much info. Not really a manga, in the traditional sense. Definitely including this in my "number of books I read this year" as a "real" book :-)

-A. McCaffrey-scifi
-342-aliens invade earth, take lots of prisoners. A bunch get dumped on a new planet to see if it is "safe" for the alien overlords. Main character is a woman. She falls in love with one of the alien overlords, who has been abandoned on the planet with them all. Ok, but nothing that I really liked. Might read the next couple, might not. Depends on how I'm feeling I guess.

-F. Gilbreth Jr & E. Gilbreth Carey-biography
-180- a hilarious semi-biography of a family with 12 children. Back in the 19'teens or so. Really made me laugh. A good "read out loud to the family" kind of book.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April '08

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-592-explains the origins of the Westwinds, from which Recluce was born. Quite interesting. A starship of women from another universe appears. Some appear to be able to use Order. One man, Nylan [the main character], is the Ordermaster of this story. He comes with the women. More whining and complaining about how he hates that force is necessary. Just refuses to accept that some people will only submit to a greater application of force. That is the main flaw with this series, in my opinion. Modesitt harps [and man, if he was a woman, I'd say she bitches] about this over and over and over. Every single novel. I like the storyline, but not that part of it. I'll keep reading, but no longer have any desire to try to buy these.

-I. Asimov-fantasy
-221-a collection of short stories about a 2cm tall demon. He is at the beck and call of an acquaintance of the authors. He [the friend George] is always trying to "help" his friends using Azazel's powers. They always turn into misadventures.

-S. King-horror
-1153-first off, what a massive book. Second, I really enjoyed this. A plague with 99.4% death rate devastates the world. In America, people gravitate toward Boulder or Las Vegas. In Boulder is Mother Abigal and in Las Vegas is the Dark Man. This is a story about Good vs Evil and how good pays in blood and evil causes its own downfall. Some messed up views on God, some profanity and enough graphic sexual things degrade my overall view on this story however.

-K. Traviss-scifi
-472-follows the commandos as they find out more about the war and slowly realize that things are not as presented by Palpatine and the media. Skarata is hunting down the Kaminoan who engineered the clones so she can reverse the "fast aging" so they can live a normal length life. Traviss is really setting things up to tie in with the Legacy books. I didn't enjoy this novel nearly as much as the first two. The military jargon, the Mando'ese, it was just over used, imo, this time. You have so many different identifications for the same people [usually group oriented] that I felt like I lost track of who was who. Nulls, Alpha's, ARC's, Republic Commandos, Delta, Omega, etc, etc. Keeping track of it all really bogged the story down.

-E.R. Burroughs-fantasy
-200-a red martian man goes to rescue a martian woman who has been kidnapped. In the process he falls in love with another, discovers yet another crazed, world domineering wannabe and yet another mad scientist. Everything works out in the end. Burroughs uses the word "indubitably". How pretentious.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-596-continues the story of Nylan. He, his lover and a son leave Westwind. He ends up battling Cyador, which is the remnants of a Rationalist empire founded by long ago. Destroys Cyador by letting loose the forest of Daclos and he and Arylin become the first druids. A lot less whining. I think perhaps Modesitt realized it was overused? I don't know, we'll see how it is in future books.

-E. Oda-manga

-H. Takei-manga

-F.S. Fitzgerald-fiction
-159- a man tells a sordid tale about his neighbor and a cousin. The neighbor loved the cousin 5 years ago but left. She married someone else. Her husband cheats on her but is rich. The neighbor comes back rich [from bootleg(illegal liquor, this was in the 20's) and other shady affairs] and tries to woo the cousin back. The husband gets his revenge by telling his mistress's husband that the neighbor is actually the mistress's lover. The neighbor tries to get the cousin to leave with him, she won't. The mistress's husband kills the neighbor after the mistress is run over and then kills himself. Confused yet? This was a story about fallen humanity with no redeeming quality. Why it is a "classic" is beyond me. There is no redemption and there must be in all True Stories.


-A.C Doyle-mystery
-86- how Watson meets Sherlock Holmes. Solves a double murder mystery. Always knew the mormons were a bunch of no good...

-A.D. Foster-scifi
-327-How the Thranx and Humans began the Commonwealth. Not their meeting [as in Nor Crystal Tears], but the pivotal moment when they united together. About a rogue thranx poet and a petty criminal. Pretty trivial drivel actually. But engaging.

-A.D. Foster-scifi
-310-a new race, the Pitar [humanoids who are physically what we all dream of] are discovered by humans. Turns out they wipe out a colony of humans[about 600,000]. Brings the thranx and humans together militarily. Also shows the founding of the interspecies church. The humanx invade the pitar homeworld. Pitar, xenophobic narcisssists, commit mass suicide to avoid the "pollution" by lesser species.

-H. Takei-manga

-E. Oda-manga

Monday, March 31, 2008

March '08

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-640-We come back to Lerris, from The Magic of Recluce. Hamor is slowly taking over the world with machined order. Technology not as good as Ordered Steel, but close enough. Because of that, free Chaos is gathering under Candar and getting ready to explode. Hamor wants to destroy Recluce. Lerris, along with Justen and Gunnar [and their wives] face the Hamorian fleet, give their lives [except Lerris and Krystal] and use up most of the Order [and hence the Chaos] available. Interesting but this whole balance thing, I'm not sure about it. Modesitt doesn't explain it well enough, so one can't judge what he is doing with it or if he is just making things up as he goes and gets away with it because the reader has no idea of the underlying rules [or lack thereof]. I plan on reading the rest though.

-Y. Hotta-manga
-a young boy comes in contact with a GO master and begins playing the game. Kind of like a very, very indepth checkers. Not something you'd expect to find interesting, but this stuff is really intriguing. Makes you want to go out and start playing GO.

-F. Saberhagen-fantasy
-412-a little cleaner than Face of Apollo, but still just a recast of the Sword books. Not enjoyable enough to read any more I think.

-C. Dickens-classic
-563-Jonas murders someone and is caught. Martin and Mark go to America and come back. Tom Pinch sees Mr Pecksniff for what he truly is. Everything is resolved in the end.

-L.M. Alcott-classic
-669-the story of 4 sisters. How they grow up and marry. Rich in lessons. Alcott isn't afraid to say that without God life is empty. Very enjoyable.

-E.R. Burroughs-fiction
-160-Apparently, when one goes to Mars, one no longer needs to go to the bathroom. I mean, 4 beings, one a 15ft tall ape, stay hidden in a little closet all day, without leaving? clench those buttocks Bobby!

-Y. Hotta-manga
-scanlations can be found at You'll need an account though.

-K. Takami-manga
-216- graphic depictions of violence, rape and abuse. Filth. I had no idea.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-scifi
-468-this was a schtickload of philosophical crap. I want to label this sophist garbage. It felt like Modesitt was preaching at his audience the WHOLE time. There wasn't much of a plot, needless to say.

-F. Ono-fantasy
-317-chronologically, takes place shortly before Sea of Shadow. Deals with the Kirin of Tai. He was blown into our world by a Shoku and didn't come back for 10 years. His story as he adjusts to the fact that he is a Kirin and must choose the next king of Tai. Much shorter than Sea of Shadow, but MUCH less confusing; mainly because it doesn't deal with as much.

-Y. Hotta-manga
-scanlations can be found at You'll need an account though.

-M. Hino-manga
-Shojo's shojo! thankgoodness it wasn't longer than 4vol.

-S. King-horror
-1138- some big space bug comes to earth a long time ago. Now it resides in a Maine town and feeds on kids every 26years or so. Anyway, some kids hurt it and then come back in 26 years to finish the job. The horror in this novel lay in fact that humans are so bad. The people did horrible things, ignored horrible things, etc. Murder, madness, death and destruction. I haven't read any of King's stuff since highschool [and those were some short story collections] and I don't plan on reading anymore. I don't want to fill my mind with evil.

-C. Dickens-classic
-362/355-an old man and his granddaughter are brought to ruin. They wander. Are chased down by the grandfather's brother and the villain who ruined them. The villain, a coarse dwarf, dies by drowning at the end. The brother, who is rich, finds the grandfather and granddaughter, but only after the granddaughter has died. Very melancholic story. I enjoyed it immensely though.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

February '08

-D. Karpyshyn-scifi
-318-the continuing story of Darth Bane. Follows him and his apprentice Zannah. Ends with the Jedi council believing that ALL the Sith are now gone. A light read like the first Darth Bane, but once again, highly satisfying.

-E.R. Burroughs-fantasy
-124-the adventures of Carthoris, son of John Carter. He is framed for the kidnapping of Thuvia, the woman he loves. Finds her and is bringing her back to stop a war between the city-states.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-664- a middle aged soprano is transported to a world where magic is invoked through song. Has great power. However, she spends so much time wishing and complaining that it got on my nerves. The idea is interesting, but once again, Modesitt falls back on certain character types who act and re-act like they are on a string.

-D.W. Jones-juvenile fantasy
-199-a young man daydreams that he is somebody else. Buys a magic carpet and ends up in prison, with a group of bandits, fighting an evil genie and rescuing Princesses with the help of an enchanted Prince. Ends up marrying a Princess. Light and delightful.

-D.W. Jones-juvenile fantasy
-345-a world is being exploited for its fantasy elements. Tours go through and the people living there have to put on a world wide show. All because one man in our world has control of a demon. It bordered on the funny, but glossed over the horror of what the Tours actually meant-people dying in battle, land and buildings destroyed, livelihoods ruined-if you sat down and thought about it, what was going on was horrific. But it was a good juvie read.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-672-Anna unites Defalk and goes after Duram, which has been causing trouble, which in turn has been fueled by the Sturinn. Enjoyable and I'll probably read the rest. However, the whole males=idiots sub-theme is really getting old. Instead of complaining about it, like Anna does in her thoughts almost constantly, do something about it. And that is the problem. Anna is a woman and refuses to understand that the men of Erde will respond to strength alone, so she gets frustrated when "reasoning" doesn't work. Force is her last resort when it should be her first. Modesitt must be trying to get on some woman's good side with this series.

-C. Dickens-classic
-511- A young orphan girl grows up and becomes a housekeeper for an older man. He has 2 young cousins who are the principles in a long running legal dispute about some money. There is mystery surrounding the orphan girl and various characters all tie in to her past and present and are attempting to influence her future. Good stuff. Making me realize that without a solid Bible background, many of Dicken's allusions would be meaningless.

-R. Bradbury-scifi
-182-a series of of short stories chronicling humanities contact with Mars, the decline of Martian civilization, Humanities self-destruction on Earth and ends with a few families becoming the "new Martians". Bradbury has a very unique writing style. Sentences, while whole and complete, are put together in such a way as to suggest fragmentation. His style increases the dark view of humanity that Bradbury seems to hold.

-R. Bradbury-fantasy
-290-A Dark Carnival comes to town, promising to give people what they want, but turning their own dark desires against them and making them slaves of the Carnival. One middle aged man and two teens fight and win, with laughter. I don't like Bradbury's writings. I shall not be reading anymore. His style annoys me. Patricia McKillip writes of shadows and so does Bradbury; however, McKillip's shadows come from the Light, Bradbury's shadows come from the Dark. I don't want to fill myself with shadows from the Dark.

-T. Zahn-scifi
-350- Sequel to Night Train to Rigel. Going to be a series, that is for sure. The Modhri tries to get its 'limbs' on some sort of weapon. Compton and Bayta draw a little closer. Ends with Compton realizing that there is a whole world of hidden spaceships and weapons for the Modhri, and he has to keep it secret.
The whole flavor is very light and almost fluff. I am looking for a little bit more depth and substance from Zahn. This universe has a lot to offer, I hope that Zahn utilizes it appropriately.

-E.R. Burroughs-fantasy
-222-follows the adventures of John Carters daughter. A spoiled brat who should have been spanked, imo. Anyway, a Jed from another kingdom falls in love with her, rescues her and everyone is happy. Meet the kaldanes, heads without bodies and another nation that lives on slavery. Burroughs seems to be running out of people to have adventures. Needs to get back to John Carter.

-C. Dickens-classic
-540-Richard and Ada [the cousins] marry. Lady Dedlock is revealed as Esther's mother. Many relationships are shown between characters otherwise thought to be unrelated. Richard dies because the Jarndyce and Jarndyce case is ended because the costs have taken up the whole estate. Esther marries Dr. Woodcourt and Mr Jarndyce remains a guardian to them all. Many twistings and turnings. A thoroughly enjoyable novel. Dickens pokes at society's problems but without a preachy attitude.

-R. Bradbury-scifi
-253-many of these stories[and several in the Martian Chronicles] were in The Stories of Ray Bradbury. His old familiar themes of hate, despair, revenge and weirdness. I only read this because I'd gotten it out at the same time as Something Wicked... and it seemed a waste to have taken it out and not read it. But no more.

-G. MacDonald-fantasy
-161-a young miner boy rescues a princess from goblins and saves a castle from the goblins revenge.

-G. MacDonald-fantasy
-160-Curdie, the young miner, is sent off to rescue the King and Princess Irene, who are under the sway of evil men bent on taking the kingdom for themselves. The people of the city ignore what is going on and descend towards beastlife. Ends with a new king [after Curdie and Irene] who mines the city for its gold and jewels and ends up bringing about its destruction. A sad ending. One of my favorite books back in elementary school.

-R. Dahl-fiction
-682- short stories from different books for adults. Many had his trademark weirdness and almost horror. A couple near the end were more sexual in nature. Definitely not recommended. I think I'll stick to his juvenile fiction.

-C. Dickens-classic
-568- A grandfather by that name. A grandson by that name. Both are obstinate and headstrong. Grandfather filthy rich, no direct heir beyond the Grandson, extended family of venial vultures full of greed. Grandfather looked after by a young woman, Grandson in love with said young woman. Grandfather won't allow marriage. Grandson leaves, strikes out for America. Grandfather begins to sound out other relatives as to worthiness of being his heir. My goodness, this is one of Dickens' wordiest books ever! The characters go on and on in their fawnings and moralizings and the American Groups do the same about whatever Cause they are supporting, that half the time I have no idea what they are actually talking about. Gets across the idea of them all being windbags, but still. I read a whole page and hadn't a clue what the talker was blabbing about. Enjoyable though.

-E. Hemingway-classic
-140- an old man goes out to sea to fish. Gets a huge fish which drags him all over the sea. Subdues it and begins his trek home. Sharks eat all of the meat on the fish. Hemingway blew his head off with a shotgun. After reading this, I'm not surprised. What a complete waste. Not terrible or something that made me hate it, but so pointless. As was the author's life. Glad to have read one book by him though. Now I KNOW to avoid any others.

-D.W. Jones-fantasy
-329-a young woman is turned into an old woman by a jealous witch. She ends up becoming the cleaning lady for the wizard Howl in an attempt to get him to turn her back. The jealous witch is after Howl. Everything turns out ok in the end. I would have to recommend reading this before watching the movie by Miyazaki. A much more full bodied story and things are explained a bit more.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

January '08

-T. Pratchett-fantasy
-354-An assassin sets out to get rid of the Hogsfather, per contract by the Auditors of Reality. Who don't want the sun to come up, and hence all humanity will die. Death takes over for the missing Hogsfather and Susan must figure how to save Hogsfather and all of humanity. Perfect light start to the year.

-D. Simmons-scifi
-563- 200+ years after the end of Fall of Hyperion. Follows Raul Endymion, entrusted by Martin Silenus to guard Aenea, the next 'chosen one' who also happens to be the daughter of Lamia and the cybrid Keats. The Shrike seems to be her protector also. Turns out the TechnoCore is still controlling humanity through the improved Cruciforms, allowing "eternal" life to any willing to submit to the Pax/Church.

-D. Simmons-scifi
-709-blasphemy. Nothing else needs to be written.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-359-how the Island of Recluce began. Characters are hard headed and asinine. Seems to be a trait Modesitt enjoys.

-N. Watsuki-manga
-199-I like Kenshin, but not enough to read the manga, which the anime is directly from.

-E.R. Burroughs-fantasy
-160- follows the adventures of John Carter, a Virginian Gentleman who goes to Mars. In this adventure he rescues a Princess, who he marries, and unites the red martians [humanoid] and the green martians [not so humanoid]. Pulp fiction through and through. We'll see how the next 10+ stories stand up.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-617- how the Black ships of Recluce came into being. Even though these stories seem to follow a VERY predictable pattern and the characters all start out stubborn and headstrong, I find myself staying up to read as much as I can. I like this series.

-E.R. Burroughs-fantasy
-195-John Carter returns to Mars after 10 years. He has a son who is completely grown up. Goes to rescue his wife and in the process discredits the religious beliefs and discovers the white and black men of mars. The white men were masquerading as the red men's gods and the black men were masquerading as the white men's gods. Overthrows the whole system. Ends with his wife being trapped in a prison that won't open again for a year.

-E.R. Burroughs-fantasy
-138-John Carter finds the yellow men of Mars. Rescues his wife and is named the Warlord of Mars.

-V. Hugo-classic
-1463-man, what to write. This was the complete unabridged version. The story was great. A convict is given a second chance by a priest and goes on to make millions and help a whole area in France. He is put back in jail. Once he escapes again, he finds the daughter of a woman who was under his care. He takes care of her until she gets married. All the time being pursued by a police officer with a vendetta against Valjean. Ends with the officer dead, Valjean dying and his secret safe. A good story. Now, to the "unabridged" part of this book. Hugo wrote almost twice as much about whatever he felt like instead of the plot. Convents, sewers, the battle of Waterlou and many other unrelated subjects. I would have to recommend an abridged version to anyone. I wish I could hit Hugo for wasting so much of my time with such trivial drivel!

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-598-Introduces Justen the Grey, who we met in "The Magic of Recluce". I really like how Modesitt started things off with "MoR" and then all the following novels have been the history leading up to it. This novel introduces the involvement of the druids, who serve a deeper balance than either just Order or Chaos. Good stuff!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 In Review

1: Tailchaser's Song- Tad Williams-326
2: Plum Pie- PG Wodehouse-252
3: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE #10- Clamp-185
4: The Riddlemaster of Hed- Patricia McKillip-222
5: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE #11- Clamp-183
6: The Circle: Black: The Birth of Evil- Ted Dekker-408
7: The Circle: Red: The Heroic Rescue- Ted Dekker-381
8: The Circle: White: The Great Pursuit- Ted Dekker-370
9: Fullmetal Alchemist #1- Hiromu Arakawa-183
10: Neon Genesis Evangelion #1- Yoshiyuki Sadamoto-171
11: Blink- Ted Dekker-389
12: One Piece #1-Eiichiro Oda-207
13: One Piece #2-Eiichiro Oda-194
14: One Piece #3-Eiichiro Oda-195
15: Death Note #1-Tsugumi Ohba-195
16: Death Note #2-Tsugumi Ohba-197
17: Heir of Sea and Fire- Patricia McKillip-207
18: Death Note #3-Tsugumi Ohba-194
19: Death Note #4-Tsugumi Ohba-204
20: Death Note #5-Tsugumi Ohba-200
21: R.O.D.-Read Or Die #1- Hideyuki Kurata-214
22: R.O.D.-Read Or Die #2- Hideyuki Kurata-194
23: Shaman King #1- Hiroyuki Takei-202
24: Shaman King #2- Hiroyuki Takei-190
25: Shaman King #3- Hiroyuki Takei-187
26: Shaman King #4- Hiroyuki Takei-191
27: Shaman King #5- Hiroyuki Takei-190
28: Shaman King #6- Hiroyuki Takei-191
29: Harpist in the Wind- Patricia McKillip-257
30: Trigun #1- Yasuhiro Nightow-358
31: Hunters of Dune- Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson-525
32: Deathnote #6-Tsugumi Ohba-217
33: Hunter X Hunter #1-Yoshihiro Togashi-183
34: Hunter X Hunter #2-Yoshihiro Togashi-185
35: Hunter X Hunter #3-Yoshihiro Togashi-185
36: Hunter X Hunter #4-Yoshihiro Togashi-185
37: Hunter X Hunter #5-Yoshihiro Togashi-185
38: Hunter X Hunter #6-Yoshihiro Togashi-200
39: Hunter X Hunter #7-Yoshihiro Togashi-188
40: Hunter X Hunter #8-Yoshihiro Togashi-196
41: Hunter X Hunter #9-Yoshihiro Togashi-192
42: One Piece #4- Eiichiro Oda-192
43: Shaman King #7- Hiroyuki Takei-190
44: Shaman King #8- Hiroyuki Takei-192
45: Shaman King #9- Hiroyuki Takei-189
46: Brothers Karamazov- Fyodor Dostoyevsky-822
47: Megatokyo #1-Fred Gallagher & Rodney Caston-156
48: Megatokyo #2-Fred Gallagher & Rodney Caston-180
49: Megatokyo #3-Fred Gallagher-220
50: The Time Traveler's Wife- Audrey Niffenegger-518
51: FLCL #1- Gainax-172
52: FLCL #2- Gainax-198
53: Deathnote #7-Tsugumi Ohba-211
54: Deathnote #8-Tsugumi Ohba-200
55: Deathnote #9-Tsugumi Ohba-192
56: Congo- Michael Crichton-313
57: Beowulf's Children- Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Steven Barnes-382
58: Oh My Goddess! #24 -Kosuke Fujishama-172
59: W Juliet #11 -Emura-193
60: W Juliet #12 -Emura-193
61: One Piece #5- Eiichiro Oda-190
62: One Piece #6- Eiichiro Oda-185
63: Ceres: Celestial Legend #1- Yuu Watase-194
64: Ceres: Celestial Legend #2- Yuu Watase-189
65: Ceres: Celestial Legend #3- Yuu Watase-189
66: Ceres: Celestial Legend #4- Yuu Watase-187
67: Ceres: Celestial Legend #5- Yuu Watase-191
68: Tales of the Otori: The Harsh Cry of the Heron:
The Last Tale of the Otori -Lian Hearn-508
69: Megatokyo #4-Fred Gallagher-233
70: Debt of Bones-Terry Goodkind-119
71: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE #12- Clamp-185
72: Flame of Recca #1-Nobuyuki Anzai-180
73: Flame of Recca #2-Nobuyuki Anzai-182
74: Flame of Recca #3-Nobuyuki Anzai-186
75: Castle on the Hill-Elizabeth Goudge-346
76: One Piece #8- Eiichiro Oda-187
77: One Piece #9- Eiichiro Oda-205
78: One Piece #10- Eiichiro Oda-187
79: 84, Charing Cross Road-Helena Hanff-113
80: StarWars: Legacy of the Force: Tempest- Troy Denning-392
81: The Dean's Watch-Elizabeth Goudge-383
82: Oh My Goddess! #25-Kosuke Fujishima-173
83: Deathnote #10-Tsugumi Ohba-188
84: The Pickwick Papers-Charles Dickens-759
85: W Juliet #13 -Emura-193
86: W Juliet #14 -Emura-207-final volume
87: StarWars: Allegiance-Timothy Zahn-324
88: R.O.D.-Read Or Die #3- Hideyuki Kurata-210
89: R.O.D.-Read Or Die #4- Hideyuki Kurata-210
90: Fruits Basket #1-Natsuki Takaya-206
91: Fruits Basket #2-Natsuki Takaya-194
92: CrossRoads: Spirit Gate- Kate Elliott-445
93: One Piece #11- Eiichiro Oda-185
94: One Piece #12- Eiichiro Oda-190
95: One Piece #13- Eiichiro Oda-182
96: Shaman King #10-Hiroyuki Takei-198
97: Shaman King #11-Hiroyuki Takei-188
98: Fruits Basket #3-Natsuki Takaya-198
99: Fruits Basket #4-Natsuki Takaya-206
100: Fruits Basket #5-Natsuki Takaya-202
101: Tale of Two Cities-Charles Dickens-469
102: Ragnarok #1-Myung-Jin Lee-186
103: Ragnarok #2-Myung-Jin Lee-not numbered. Stupid!
104: Bleach #1- Tite Kubo-190
105: Bleach #2- Tite Kubo-190
106: The Hunchback of Notre Dame-Victor Hugo-586
107: Bleach #3- Tite Kubo-190
108: Bleach #4- Tite Kubo-190
109: Bleach #5- Tite Kubo-190
110: Bleach #6- Tite Kubo-190
111: Fruits Basket #6-Natsuki Takaya-196
112: Fruits Basket #7-Natsuki Takaya-192
113: Fruits Basket #8-Natsuki Takaya-196
114: Fruits Basket #9-Natsuki Takaya-192
115: Down the Long Hills-Louis L'Amour-150
116: Hanging Woman Creek-Louis L'Amour-151
117: Psychic Academy #1-Katsu Aki-187
118: Hunter X Hunter #10-Yoshihiro Togashi-200
119: Hunter X Hunter #11-Yoshihiro Togashi-196
120: Hunter X Hunter #12-Yoshihiro Togashi-186
121: Hunter X Hunter #13-Yoshihiro Togashi-196
122: Full Metal Panic! #1-Shouji Gatou-162
123: Full Metal Panic! #2-Shouji Gatou-194
124: Full Metal Panic! #3-Shouji Gatou-166
125: Full Metal Panic! #4-Shouji Gatou-156
126: Full Metal Panic! #5-Shouji Gatou-160
127: Full Metal Panic! #6-Shouji Gatou-170
128: Full Metal Panic! #7-Shouji Gatou-162
129: Full Metal Panic! #8-Shouji Gatou-162
130: Utah Blaine-Louis L'Amour-191
131: Shadowmarch: Shadowplay-Tad Williams-641
132: The King's Fifth-Scott O'Dell-264
133: Gentian Hill-Elizabeth Gouge-317
134: Fruits Basket #10-Natsuki Takaya-196
135: Fruits Basket #11-Natsuki Takaya-200
136: Fruits Basket #12-Natsuki Takaya-198
137: Fruits Basket #13-Natsuki Takaya-192
138: Angelmass-Timothy Zahn-430
139: Fantastic Mr. Fox-Roald Dahl-88
140: Deathnote #11-Tsugumi Ohba-210
141: Landover: Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold!-Terry Brooks-308
142: Shaman King #12-Hiroyuki Takei-184
143: Elemental Gelade #1-Mayumi Azuma-180
144: Kare Kano #1-Masami Tsuda-188
145: Kare Kano #2-Masami Tsuda-190
146: Kare Kano #3-Masami Tsuda-188
147: One Piece #14- Eiichiro Oda-186
148: Bleach #8- Tite Kubo-191
149: Bleach #9- Tite Kubo-192
150: Bleach #10- Tite Kubo-200
151: Bleach #11- Tite Kubo-208
152: Bleach #12- Tite Kubo-198
153: Sketches by Boz I-Charles Dickens-421
154: Rave Master #1-Hiro Mashima-195
155: Rave Master #2-Hiro Mashima-195
156: Rave Master #3-Hiro Mashima-187
157: Rave Master #4-Hiro Mashima-195
158: Rave Master #5-Hiro Mashima-196
159: Bleach #7- Tite Kubo-200
160: Bleach #13- Tite Kubo-208
161: Trigun Maximum #1-Yasuhiro Nightow-192
162: Trigun Maximum #2-Yasuhiro Nightow-200
163: Trigun Maximum #3-Yasuhiro Nightow-192
164: Trigun Maximum #4-Yasuhiro Nightow-208
165: Trigun Maximum #5-Yasuhiro Nightow-206
166: Trigun Maximum #6-Yasuhiro Nightow-188
167: Trigun Maximum #7-Yasuhiro Nightow-192
168: Trigun Maximum #8-Yasuhiro Nightow-222
169: Bleach #14- Tite Kubo-200
170: Sketches by Boz II-Charles Dickens-465
171: Blade of Heaven- Yong-Su Hwang-290
172: The Icarus Hunt-Timothy Zahn-362
173: Seikai Trilogy: Crest of the Stars-Hiroyuki Morioka-245
174: Bleach #15- Tite Kubo-184
175: Hunter X Hunter #14-Yoshihiro Togashi-202
176: KingKiller: The Name of the Wind-Patrick Rothfuss-662
177: Landover: The Black Unicorn-Terry Brooks-239
178: Winter Rose-Patricia McKillip-262
179: StarWars: Legacy of the Force: Exile- Aaron Allston-337
180: Ceres: Celestial Legend #6- Yuu Watase-189
181: Bleach #16- Tite Kubo-192
182: Bleach #17- Tite Kubo-216
183: Harrowing the Dragon-Patricia Mckillip-308
184: The Changeling Sea-Patricia Mckillip-137
185: Landover: Wizard at Large-Terry Brooks-238
186: The Golden Gate-Alistair Maclean-233
187: Bone: One Volume Edition-Jeff Smith-1332
188: Goodbye California-Alistair Maclean-310
189: StarWars: Splinter of the Mind's Eye-Alan Dean Foster-182
190: Dragon and Thief-Timothy Zahn-248
191: Prince of Tennis #1-Takeshi Konomi-189
192: Prince of Tennis #2-Takeshi Konomi-183
193: StarWars: The Approaching Storm-Alan Dean Foster-344
194: StarWars: Medstar I: Battle Surgeons-Michael Reaves & Steve Perry-309
195: Bleach #18- Tite Kubo-203
196: Naruto #1-Masashi Kishimoto-187
197: Dragon and Soldier-Timothy Zahn-293
198: StarWars: Medstar II: Jedi Healer-Michael Reaves & Steve Perry-302
199: Alvin Maker: Seventh Son-Orson Scott Card-241
200: Fruits Basket #14-Natsuki Takaya-196
201: Naruto #2-Masashi Kishimoto-206
202: Ombria in Shadow-Patricia McKillip-298
203: The White Witch- Elizabeth Goudge-439
204: The Light Fantastic- Terry Pratchett-217
205: Naruto #3-Masashi Kishimoto-205
206: The Forgotten Beasts of Eld-Patricia McKillip-217
207: Alvin Maker: Red Prophet-Orson Scott Card-311
208: Alvin Maker: Prentice Alvin-Orson Scott Card-342
209: Claymore #1-Norihiro Yagi-188
210: Claymore #2-Norihiro Yagi-185
211: Dragon and Slave-Timothy Zahn-320
212: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-J.K. Rowling-759
213: The Candidate for Goddess #1-Yukiru Sugisaki-185
214: The Candidate for Goddess #2-Yukiru Sugisaki-145
215: The Candidate for Goddess #3-Yukiru Sugisaki-155
216: The Candidate for Goddess #4-Yukiru Sugisaki-146
217: The Candidate for Goddess #5-Yukiru Sugisaki-184
218: The Night Gift-Patricia McKillip-156
219: The House on Parchment Street-Patricia McKillip-190
220: Alvin Maker: Alvin Journeyman-Orson Scott Card-400
221: Deathnote #12-Tsugumi Ohba-210 final volume
222: Alvin Maker: Heartfire-Orson Scott Card-336
223: The Howling Stones- Alan Dean Foster-330
224: Fruits Basket #15-Natsuki Takaya-194
225: Fruits Basket #16-Natsuki Takaya-196
226: Nicholas Nickleby part I-Charles Dickens-556
227: Dragon and Herdsman-Timothy Zahn-299
228: Fool's Run- Patricia McKillip-221
229: Jeeves in the Offing-P.G. Wodehouse-200
230: Feet of Clay-Terry Pratchet-249
231: On Stranger Tides-Tim Powers-325
232: Chobits #1-CLAMP-183
233: Sourcery-Terry Pratchett-214
234: Dragon and Judge-Timothy Zahn-318
235: The Age of Discovery: The New World-Michael Stackpole-399
236: Nicholas Nickleby part II-Charles Dickens-548
237: Star Wars: Black Fleet Crisis: Before the Storm-Michael Kube-McDowell-336
238: The Color of Magic-Terry Pratchett-210
239: Mort-Terry Pratchett-243
240: Wyrd Sisters-Terry Pratchett-265
241: Hunter X Hunter #15-Yoshihiro Togashi-197
242: Cygnet-The Sorceress and the Cygnet; The Cygnet and the Firebird-Patricia McKillip-406
243: Pyramids-Terry Pratchett-323
244: Samurai Girl: Realbout Highschool #1-Reiji Saiga-176
245: Samurai Girl: Realbout Highschool #2-Reiji Saiga-164
246: Guards! Guards!-Terry Pratchett-355
247: Star Wars: Black Fleet Crisis: Shield of Lies-Michael Kube-McDowell-338
248: Bleach #19- Tite Kubo-216
249: Bleach #20- Tite Kubo-216
250: Otogi Zoshi #1- Narumi Seto-177
251: Otogi Zoshi #2- Narumi Seto-150
251: Oh My Goddess! #26- Kosuke Fujishama-170
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