Thursday, January 31, 2008

January '08

-T. Pratchett-fantasy
-354-An assassin sets out to get rid of the Hogsfather, per contract by the Auditors of Reality. Who don't want the sun to come up, and hence all humanity will die. Death takes over for the missing Hogsfather and Susan must figure how to save Hogsfather and all of humanity. Perfect light start to the year.

-D. Simmons-scifi
-563- 200+ years after the end of Fall of Hyperion. Follows Raul Endymion, entrusted by Martin Silenus to guard Aenea, the next 'chosen one' who also happens to be the daughter of Lamia and the cybrid Keats. The Shrike seems to be her protector also. Turns out the TechnoCore is still controlling humanity through the improved Cruciforms, allowing "eternal" life to any willing to submit to the Pax/Church.

-D. Simmons-scifi
-709-blasphemy. Nothing else needs to be written.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-359-how the Island of Recluce began. Characters are hard headed and asinine. Seems to be a trait Modesitt enjoys.

-N. Watsuki-manga
-199-I like Kenshin, but not enough to read the manga, which the anime is directly from.

-E.R. Burroughs-fantasy
-160- follows the adventures of John Carter, a Virginian Gentleman who goes to Mars. In this adventure he rescues a Princess, who he marries, and unites the red martians [humanoid] and the green martians [not so humanoid]. Pulp fiction through and through. We'll see how the next 10+ stories stand up.

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-617- how the Black ships of Recluce came into being. Even though these stories seem to follow a VERY predictable pattern and the characters all start out stubborn and headstrong, I find myself staying up to read as much as I can. I like this series.

-E.R. Burroughs-fantasy
-195-John Carter returns to Mars after 10 years. He has a son who is completely grown up. Goes to rescue his wife and in the process discredits the religious beliefs and discovers the white and black men of mars. The white men were masquerading as the red men's gods and the black men were masquerading as the white men's gods. Overthrows the whole system. Ends with his wife being trapped in a prison that won't open again for a year.

-E.R. Burroughs-fantasy
-138-John Carter finds the yellow men of Mars. Rescues his wife and is named the Warlord of Mars.

-V. Hugo-classic
-1463-man, what to write. This was the complete unabridged version. The story was great. A convict is given a second chance by a priest and goes on to make millions and help a whole area in France. He is put back in jail. Once he escapes again, he finds the daughter of a woman who was under his care. He takes care of her until she gets married. All the time being pursued by a police officer with a vendetta against Valjean. Ends with the officer dead, Valjean dying and his secret safe. A good story. Now, to the "unabridged" part of this book. Hugo wrote almost twice as much about whatever he felt like instead of the plot. Convents, sewers, the battle of Waterlou and many other unrelated subjects. I would have to recommend an abridged version to anyone. I wish I could hit Hugo for wasting so much of my time with such trivial drivel!

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-598-Introduces Justen the Grey, who we met in "The Magic of Recluce". I really like how Modesitt started things off with "MoR" and then all the following novels have been the history leading up to it. This novel introduces the involvement of the druids, who serve a deeper balance than either just Order or Chaos. Good stuff!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 In Review

1: Tailchaser's Song- Tad Williams-326
2: Plum Pie- PG Wodehouse-252
3: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE #10- Clamp-185
4: The Riddlemaster of Hed- Patricia McKillip-222
5: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE #11- Clamp-183
6: The Circle: Black: The Birth of Evil- Ted Dekker-408
7: The Circle: Red: The Heroic Rescue- Ted Dekker-381
8: The Circle: White: The Great Pursuit- Ted Dekker-370
9: Fullmetal Alchemist #1- Hiromu Arakawa-183
10: Neon Genesis Evangelion #1- Yoshiyuki Sadamoto-171
11: Blink- Ted Dekker-389
12: One Piece #1-Eiichiro Oda-207
13: One Piece #2-Eiichiro Oda-194
14: One Piece #3-Eiichiro Oda-195
15: Death Note #1-Tsugumi Ohba-195
16: Death Note #2-Tsugumi Ohba-197
17: Heir of Sea and Fire- Patricia McKillip-207
18: Death Note #3-Tsugumi Ohba-194
19: Death Note #4-Tsugumi Ohba-204
20: Death Note #5-Tsugumi Ohba-200
21: R.O.D.-Read Or Die #1- Hideyuki Kurata-214
22: R.O.D.-Read Or Die #2- Hideyuki Kurata-194
23: Shaman King #1- Hiroyuki Takei-202
24: Shaman King #2- Hiroyuki Takei-190
25: Shaman King #3- Hiroyuki Takei-187
26: Shaman King #4- Hiroyuki Takei-191
27: Shaman King #5- Hiroyuki Takei-190
28: Shaman King #6- Hiroyuki Takei-191
29: Harpist in the Wind- Patricia McKillip-257
30: Trigun #1- Yasuhiro Nightow-358
31: Hunters of Dune- Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson-525
32: Deathnote #6-Tsugumi Ohba-217
33: Hunter X Hunter #1-Yoshihiro Togashi-183
34: Hunter X Hunter #2-Yoshihiro Togashi-185
35: Hunter X Hunter #3-Yoshihiro Togashi-185
36: Hunter X Hunter #4-Yoshihiro Togashi-185
37: Hunter X Hunter #5-Yoshihiro Togashi-185
38: Hunter X Hunter #6-Yoshihiro Togashi-200
39: Hunter X Hunter #7-Yoshihiro Togashi-188
40: Hunter X Hunter #8-Yoshihiro Togashi-196
41: Hunter X Hunter #9-Yoshihiro Togashi-192
42: One Piece #4- Eiichiro Oda-192
43: Shaman King #7- Hiroyuki Takei-190
44: Shaman King #8- Hiroyuki Takei-192
45: Shaman King #9- Hiroyuki Takei-189
46: Brothers Karamazov- Fyodor Dostoyevsky-822
47: Megatokyo #1-Fred Gallagher & Rodney Caston-156
48: Megatokyo #2-Fred Gallagher & Rodney Caston-180
49: Megatokyo #3-Fred Gallagher-220
50: The Time Traveler's Wife- Audrey Niffenegger-518
51: FLCL #1- Gainax-172
52: FLCL #2- Gainax-198
53: Deathnote #7-Tsugumi Ohba-211
54: Deathnote #8-Tsugumi Ohba-200
55: Deathnote #9-Tsugumi Ohba-192
56: Congo- Michael Crichton-313
57: Beowulf's Children- Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Steven Barnes-382
58: Oh My Goddess! #24 -Kosuke Fujishama-172
59: W Juliet #11 -Emura-193
60: W Juliet #12 -Emura-193
61: One Piece #5- Eiichiro Oda-190
62: One Piece #6- Eiichiro Oda-185
63: Ceres: Celestial Legend #1- Yuu Watase-194
64: Ceres: Celestial Legend #2- Yuu Watase-189
65: Ceres: Celestial Legend #3- Yuu Watase-189
66: Ceres: Celestial Legend #4- Yuu Watase-187
67: Ceres: Celestial Legend #5- Yuu Watase-191
68: Tales of the Otori: The Harsh Cry of the Heron:
The Last Tale of the Otori -Lian Hearn-508
69: Megatokyo #4-Fred Gallagher-233
70: Debt of Bones-Terry Goodkind-119
71: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE #12- Clamp-185
72: Flame of Recca #1-Nobuyuki Anzai-180
73: Flame of Recca #2-Nobuyuki Anzai-182
74: Flame of Recca #3-Nobuyuki Anzai-186
75: Castle on the Hill-Elizabeth Goudge-346
76: One Piece #8- Eiichiro Oda-187
77: One Piece #9- Eiichiro Oda-205
78: One Piece #10- Eiichiro Oda-187
79: 84, Charing Cross Road-Helena Hanff-113
80: StarWars: Legacy of the Force: Tempest- Troy Denning-392
81: The Dean's Watch-Elizabeth Goudge-383
82: Oh My Goddess! #25-Kosuke Fujishima-173
83: Deathnote #10-Tsugumi Ohba-188
84: The Pickwick Papers-Charles Dickens-759
85: W Juliet #13 -Emura-193
86: W Juliet #14 -Emura-207-final volume
87: StarWars: Allegiance-Timothy Zahn-324
88: R.O.D.-Read Or Die #3- Hideyuki Kurata-210
89: R.O.D.-Read Or Die #4- Hideyuki Kurata-210
90: Fruits Basket #1-Natsuki Takaya-206
91: Fruits Basket #2-Natsuki Takaya-194
92: CrossRoads: Spirit Gate- Kate Elliott-445
93: One Piece #11- Eiichiro Oda-185
94: One Piece #12- Eiichiro Oda-190
95: One Piece #13- Eiichiro Oda-182
96: Shaman King #10-Hiroyuki Takei-198
97: Shaman King #11-Hiroyuki Takei-188
98: Fruits Basket #3-Natsuki Takaya-198
99: Fruits Basket #4-Natsuki Takaya-206
100: Fruits Basket #5-Natsuki Takaya-202
101: Tale of Two Cities-Charles Dickens-469
102: Ragnarok #1-Myung-Jin Lee-186
103: Ragnarok #2-Myung-Jin Lee-not numbered. Stupid!
104: Bleach #1- Tite Kubo-190
105: Bleach #2- Tite Kubo-190
106: The Hunchback of Notre Dame-Victor Hugo-586
107: Bleach #3- Tite Kubo-190
108: Bleach #4- Tite Kubo-190
109: Bleach #5- Tite Kubo-190
110: Bleach #6- Tite Kubo-190
111: Fruits Basket #6-Natsuki Takaya-196
112: Fruits Basket #7-Natsuki Takaya-192
113: Fruits Basket #8-Natsuki Takaya-196
114: Fruits Basket #9-Natsuki Takaya-192
115: Down the Long Hills-Louis L'Amour-150
116: Hanging Woman Creek-Louis L'Amour-151
117: Psychic Academy #1-Katsu Aki-187
118: Hunter X Hunter #10-Yoshihiro Togashi-200
119: Hunter X Hunter #11-Yoshihiro Togashi-196
120: Hunter X Hunter #12-Yoshihiro Togashi-186
121: Hunter X Hunter #13-Yoshihiro Togashi-196
122: Full Metal Panic! #1-Shouji Gatou-162
123: Full Metal Panic! #2-Shouji Gatou-194
124: Full Metal Panic! #3-Shouji Gatou-166
125: Full Metal Panic! #4-Shouji Gatou-156
126: Full Metal Panic! #5-Shouji Gatou-160
127: Full Metal Panic! #6-Shouji Gatou-170
128: Full Metal Panic! #7-Shouji Gatou-162
129: Full Metal Panic! #8-Shouji Gatou-162
130: Utah Blaine-Louis L'Amour-191
131: Shadowmarch: Shadowplay-Tad Williams-641
132: The King's Fifth-Scott O'Dell-264
133: Gentian Hill-Elizabeth Gouge-317
134: Fruits Basket #10-Natsuki Takaya-196
135: Fruits Basket #11-Natsuki Takaya-200
136: Fruits Basket #12-Natsuki Takaya-198
137: Fruits Basket #13-Natsuki Takaya-192
138: Angelmass-Timothy Zahn-430
139: Fantastic Mr. Fox-Roald Dahl-88
140: Deathnote #11-Tsugumi Ohba-210
141: Landover: Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold!-Terry Brooks-308
142: Shaman King #12-Hiroyuki Takei-184
143: Elemental Gelade #1-Mayumi Azuma-180
144: Kare Kano #1-Masami Tsuda-188
145: Kare Kano #2-Masami Tsuda-190
146: Kare Kano #3-Masami Tsuda-188
147: One Piece #14- Eiichiro Oda-186
148: Bleach #8- Tite Kubo-191
149: Bleach #9- Tite Kubo-192
150: Bleach #10- Tite Kubo-200
151: Bleach #11- Tite Kubo-208
152: Bleach #12- Tite Kubo-198
153: Sketches by Boz I-Charles Dickens-421
154: Rave Master #1-Hiro Mashima-195
155: Rave Master #2-Hiro Mashima-195
156: Rave Master #3-Hiro Mashima-187
157: Rave Master #4-Hiro Mashima-195
158: Rave Master #5-Hiro Mashima-196
159: Bleach #7- Tite Kubo-200
160: Bleach #13- Tite Kubo-208
161: Trigun Maximum #1-Yasuhiro Nightow-192
162: Trigun Maximum #2-Yasuhiro Nightow-200
163: Trigun Maximum #3-Yasuhiro Nightow-192
164: Trigun Maximum #4-Yasuhiro Nightow-208
165: Trigun Maximum #5-Yasuhiro Nightow-206
166: Trigun Maximum #6-Yasuhiro Nightow-188
167: Trigun Maximum #7-Yasuhiro Nightow-192
168: Trigun Maximum #8-Yasuhiro Nightow-222
169: Bleach #14- Tite Kubo-200
170: Sketches by Boz II-Charles Dickens-465
171: Blade of Heaven- Yong-Su Hwang-290
172: The Icarus Hunt-Timothy Zahn-362
173: Seikai Trilogy: Crest of the Stars-Hiroyuki Morioka-245
174: Bleach #15- Tite Kubo-184
175: Hunter X Hunter #14-Yoshihiro Togashi-202
176: KingKiller: The Name of the Wind-Patrick Rothfuss-662
177: Landover: The Black Unicorn-Terry Brooks-239
178: Winter Rose-Patricia McKillip-262
179: StarWars: Legacy of the Force: Exile- Aaron Allston-337
180: Ceres: Celestial Legend #6- Yuu Watase-189
181: Bleach #16- Tite Kubo-192
182: Bleach #17- Tite Kubo-216
183: Harrowing the Dragon-Patricia Mckillip-308
184: The Changeling Sea-Patricia Mckillip-137
185: Landover: Wizard at Large-Terry Brooks-238
186: The Golden Gate-Alistair Maclean-233
187: Bone: One Volume Edition-Jeff Smith-1332
188: Goodbye California-Alistair Maclean-310
189: StarWars: Splinter of the Mind's Eye-Alan Dean Foster-182
190: Dragon and Thief-Timothy Zahn-248
191: Prince of Tennis #1-Takeshi Konomi-189
192: Prince of Tennis #2-Takeshi Konomi-183
193: StarWars: The Approaching Storm-Alan Dean Foster-344
194: StarWars: Medstar I: Battle Surgeons-Michael Reaves & Steve Perry-309
195: Bleach #18- Tite Kubo-203
196: Naruto #1-Masashi Kishimoto-187
197: Dragon and Soldier-Timothy Zahn-293
198: StarWars: Medstar II: Jedi Healer-Michael Reaves & Steve Perry-302
199: Alvin Maker: Seventh Son-Orson Scott Card-241
200: Fruits Basket #14-Natsuki Takaya-196
201: Naruto #2-Masashi Kishimoto-206
202: Ombria in Shadow-Patricia McKillip-298
203: The White Witch- Elizabeth Goudge-439
204: The Light Fantastic- Terry Pratchett-217
205: Naruto #3-Masashi Kishimoto-205
206: The Forgotten Beasts of Eld-Patricia McKillip-217
207: Alvin Maker: Red Prophet-Orson Scott Card-311
208: Alvin Maker: Prentice Alvin-Orson Scott Card-342
209: Claymore #1-Norihiro Yagi-188
210: Claymore #2-Norihiro Yagi-185
211: Dragon and Slave-Timothy Zahn-320
212: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-J.K. Rowling-759
213: The Candidate for Goddess #1-Yukiru Sugisaki-185
214: The Candidate for Goddess #2-Yukiru Sugisaki-145
215: The Candidate for Goddess #3-Yukiru Sugisaki-155
216: The Candidate for Goddess #4-Yukiru Sugisaki-146
217: The Candidate for Goddess #5-Yukiru Sugisaki-184
218: The Night Gift-Patricia McKillip-156
219: The House on Parchment Street-Patricia McKillip-190
220: Alvin Maker: Alvin Journeyman-Orson Scott Card-400
221: Deathnote #12-Tsugumi Ohba-210 final volume
222: Alvin Maker: Heartfire-Orson Scott Card-336
223: The Howling Stones- Alan Dean Foster-330
224: Fruits Basket #15-Natsuki Takaya-194
225: Fruits Basket #16-Natsuki Takaya-196
226: Nicholas Nickleby part I-Charles Dickens-556
227: Dragon and Herdsman-Timothy Zahn-299
228: Fool's Run- Patricia McKillip-221
229: Jeeves in the Offing-P.G. Wodehouse-200
230: Feet of Clay-Terry Pratchet-249
231: On Stranger Tides-Tim Powers-325
232: Chobits #1-CLAMP-183
233: Sourcery-Terry Pratchett-214
234: Dragon and Judge-Timothy Zahn-318
235: The Age of Discovery: The New World-Michael Stackpole-399
236: Nicholas Nickleby part II-Charles Dickens-548
237: Star Wars: Black Fleet Crisis: Before the Storm-Michael Kube-McDowell-336
238: The Color of Magic-Terry Pratchett-210
239: Mort-Terry Pratchett-243
240: Wyrd Sisters-Terry Pratchett-265
241: Hunter X Hunter #15-Yoshihiro Togashi-197
242: Cygnet-The Sorceress and the Cygnet; The Cygnet and the Firebird-Patricia McKillip-406
243: Pyramids-Terry Pratchett-323
244: Samurai Girl: Realbout Highschool #1-Reiji Saiga-176
245: Samurai Girl: Realbout Highschool #2-Reiji Saiga-164
246: Guards! Guards!-Terry Pratchett-355
247: Star Wars: Black Fleet Crisis: Shield of Lies-Michael Kube-McDowell-338
248: Bleach #19- Tite Kubo-216
249: Bleach #20- Tite Kubo-216
250: Otogi Zoshi #1- Narumi Seto-177
251: Otogi Zoshi #2- Narumi Seto-150
251: Oh My Goddess! #26- Kosuke Fujishama-170
252: Genesis of Shannara: Elves of Cintra-Terry Brooks-376
253: Fruits Basket #17-Natsuki Takaya-198
254: Comic Party #1-Sekihiko Inui-175
255: Comic Party #2-Sekihiko Inui-164
256: Comic Party #3-Sekihiko Inui-162
257: Comic Party #4-Sekihiko Inui-180
258: Comic Party #5-Sekihiko Inui-244
259: Chronicles of the Cursed Sword #1- Yuy Beop-ryong-168
260: One Piece #15- Eiichiro Oda-212
261: David Copperfield Part I-Charles Dickens-578
262: Hunter X Hunter #16-Yoshihiro Togashi-192
263: Eric-Terry Pratchett-197
264: David Copperfield Part II-Charles Dickens-583
265: Reaper Man-Terry Pratchett-353
266: Yotsuba&! #4-Kiyohiko Azuma-190
267: StarWars: Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice- Karen Traviss-367
268: Sandworms of Dune-Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson-494
269: Yotsuba&! #5-Kiyohiko Azuma-192
270: Witches Abroad-Terry Pratchett-350
271: The Act of Marriage-Tim & Bev Lahaye-393
272: For Men Only- Shaunti & Jeff Feldhahn-185
273: For Women Only-Shaunti Feldhahn-184
274: Lords and Ladies-Terry Pratchett-374
275: Crown of the Isles: The Mirror of Worlds-David Drake-333
276: StarWars: Legacy of the Force: Inferno- Troy Denning-312
277: Bleach #21- Tite Kubo-192
278: Mistborn: The Well of Ascension-Brandon Sanderson-578
279: Orbit 10-Damon Knight-208
280: Discovering the Mind of a Woman-Ken Nair-250
281: Landover: The Tangle Box-Terry Brooks-334
282: Amber: Nine Princes in Amber-Roger Zelazny-192
283: XXXHolic #9-Clamp-192
284: XXXHolic #10-Clamp-192
285: Hunter X Hunter #17-Yoshihiro Togashi-208
286: Men at Arms-Terry Pratchett-400
287: Soul Music-Terry Pratchett-384
288: Amber: The Guns of Avalon-Roger Zelazny-222
289: Amber: The Sign of the Unicorn-Roger Zelazny-192
290: Amber: The Hand of Oberon-Roger Zelazny-261
291: Amber: The Courts of Chaos-Roger Zelazny-183
292: Equal Rites-Terry Pratchett-213
293: Star Wars: Death Star-Michael Reaves & Steve Perry-363
294: Amber: Trumps of Doom-Roger Zelazny-183
295: Amber: Blood of Amber-Roger Zelazny-215
296: Amber: Sign of Chaos-Roger Zelazny-184
297: Dombey & Son Part I-Charles Dickens-582
298: The Sword of Truth: Confessor-Terry Goodkind-603
299: Dombey & Son Part II-Charles Dickens-588
300: YuYu Hakusho #1-Yoshihiro Togashi-199
301: YuYu Hakusho #2-Yoshihiro Togashi-193
302: YuYu Hakusho #3-Yoshihiro Togashi-188
303: YuYu Hakusho #4-Yoshihiro Togashi-188
304: YuYu Hakusho #5-Yoshihiro Togashi-206
305: YuYu Hakusho #6-Yoshihiro Togashi-206
306: YuYu Hakusho #7-Yoshihiro Togashi-199
307: YuYu Hakusho #8-Yoshihiro Togashi-187
308: YuYu Hakusho #9-Yoshihiro Togashi-189
309: Amber: Knight of Shadows-Roger Zelazny-251
310: Interesting Times-Terry Pratchett-368
311: Maskerade-Terry Pratchett-368
312: Amber: Prince of Chaos-Roger Zelazny-225
313: Tales of the Otori: Heaven's Net Is Wide: The First Tale of the Otori-Lian Hearn-484
314: Hyperion Cantos: Hyperion-Dan Simmons-512
315: The Space Vampires-Colin Wilson-214
316: Hyperion Cantos: The Fall of Hyperion-Dan Simmons-528
317: The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow-Fuyumi Ono-462
318: King Raven: Scarlet-Stephen Lawhead-449
319: The Magic of Recluce-L.E. Modesitt Jr-501
320: Childhood's End-Arthur C. Clarke-216