Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review...

Below is the list of all the books I've read/attempted to read and all the manga/graphic novels I've read/attempted to read in 2010.

For all you data lovers [like me], here is a quick and dirty breakdown:

149 books
[even though to be honest, I think there are about 4 or 5 short stories in that number]

124 manga/graphic novels

14 unfinished books

1 unfinished manga/graphic novel

50,136 pages read.
[no page data for manga/gn, cause that would just be not right. plus, I didn't keep track of pages for the unfinished books. So I'm sure the actual number is a bit higher, but hey, who is counting? ;-) ]

1: Malazan Book of the Fallen: Memories of Ice-Steven Erikson-900
2: Stoneways: Queen Ferris-S.C. Butler-495
3: Star Wars: Imperial Commando: 501st-Karen Traviss-434
4: Malazan Book of the Fallen: House of Chains-Steven Erikson-722
5: Malazan Book of the Fallen: Midnight Tides-Steven Erikson-674
6: Malazan Book of the Fallen: The Bonehunters-Steven Erikson-909
7: Acacia: The War with the Mein-David Durham-UNFINISHED
8: Wolf: Wolf Hunting-Jane Lindskold-UNFINISHED
9: Robotech: Genesis-Jack McKinney-155
10: Robotech: Battle Cry-Jack McKinney-139
11: Robotech: Homecoming-Jack McKinney-147
12: Robotech: Battlehymn-Jack McKinney-115
13: Robotech: Force of Arms-Jack McKinney-155
14: Robotech: Doomsday-Jack McKinney-161
15: Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice-John Jackson Miller-29
16: Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Skyborn-John Jackson Miller-27
17: Codex Alera: Furies of Calderon-Jim Butcher-383
18: Codex Alera: Academ's Fury-Jim Butcher-404
19: Mirror of Opposition-Timothy Robinson-172
20: War of the Spider Queen: Extinction-Lisa Smedman-228
21: War of the Spider Queen: Annihilation-Philip Athans-225
22: War of the Spider Queen: Resurrection-Paul Kemp-232
23: Quadrail: The Domino Pattern-Timothy Zahn-229
24: Green-Ted Dekker-UNFINISHED
25: Robotech: Southern Cross-Jack McKinney-123
26: Robotech: Metal Fire-Jack McKinney-151
27: Robotech: The Final Nightmare-Jack McKinney-170
28: Malaz: Night of Knives-Ian C. Esslemont-237
29: Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Paragon-John Miller-26
30: Vlad Taltos: Jhereg-Steven Brust-208
31: Vlad Taltos: Yendi-Steven Brust-167
32: Vlad Taltos: Teckla-Steven Brust-144
33: Codex Alera: Cursor's Fury-Jim Butcher-407
34: Battlechasers-Timothy Robinson-149
35: Darktower: The Gunslinger-Stephen King-UNFINISHED
36: Malazan Book of the Fallen: Reaper's Gale-Steven Erikson-969
37: Dreamwish Beasts and Snarks-Mike Resnick-UNFINISHED
38: Malazan Book of the Fallen: Toll the Hounds-Steven Erikson-961
39: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: And Another Thing-Eoin Colfer-247
40: Future Imperfect-Keith Laumer-441
41: Shogun-James Clavell-803
42: Vlad Taltos: Taltos-Steven Brust-161
43: Shadows of the Apt: Empire in Black and Gold-Adrian Tchaikovsky-571
44: Discworld: Jingo-Terry Pratchett-282
45: Doom: Knee-Deep in the Dead-Dafydd Ab Hugh-180
46: Star Wars: Death Troopers-Joe Schreiber-138
47: Robotech: Invid Invasion-Jack McKinney-135
48: Admiral's Ghost-NB VanYoos-UNFINISHED
49: Elven Ways: The Dark Ferryman-Jenna Rhodes-UNFINISHED
50: Dresden Files: Storm Front-Jim Butcher-184
51: Dresden Files: Fool Moon-Jim Butcher-214
52: Borderlands: Covenants-Lorna Freeman-375
53: Borderlands: The King's Own-Lorna Freeman-269
54: Borderlands: Shadows Past-Lorna Freeman-307
55: Codex Alera: Captain's Fury-Jim Butcher-387
56: Discworld: The Last Continent-Terry Pratchett-227
57: Robotech: Metamorphosis-Jack McKinney-148
58: Tears of Artamon: Lord of Snow and Shadows-Sarah Ash-387
59: Dresden Files: Grave Peril-Jim Butcher-255
60: Vlad Taltos: Phoenix-Steven Brust-189
61: Shadows of the Apt: Dragonfly Falling-Adrian Tchaikovsky-540
62: Shadowmarch: Shadowrise-Tad Williams-554
63: Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash-Aaron Allston-304
64: Malazan Book of the Fallen: Dust of Dreams-Steven Erikson-946
65: Tears of Artamon: Prisoner of the Iron Tower-Sarah Ash-384
66: Vang: The Military Form-Christopher Rowley-228
67: Vang: The Battlemaster-Christopher Rowley-215
68: Demon Cycle: The Warded Man-Peter Brett-416
69: Demon Cycle: The Desert Spear-Peter Brett-579
70: Codex Alera: Princep's Fury-Jim Butcher-350
71: Codex Alera: First Lord's Fury-Jim Butcher-457
72: Foreigner-C.J. Cherryh-UNFINISHED
73: Bill, the Galactic Hero-Harry Harrison-185
74: Riyria Revelations: The Crown Conspiracy-Michael Sullivan-228
75: Discworld: Carpe Jugulum-Terry Pratchett-227
76: Dresden Files: Summer Knight-Jim Butcher-241
77: Doppleganger-Marie Brennan-UNFINISHED
78: The Lost Fleet: Victorious-Jack Campbell-331
79: The Fourth Realm: The Traveler-John Twelve Hawks-330
80: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies-Seth Grahame-Smith-UNFINISHED
81: Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Savior- John Miller-27
82: Star Wars: Clone Wars: Wild Space-Karen Miller-279
83: Star Wars: Clone Wars: No Prisoners-Karen Traviss-175
84: Boneshaker-Cherie Priest-416
85: Tears of Artamon: Children of the Serpent Gate-Sarah Ash-420
86: The Fourth Realm: The Dark River-John Twelve Hawks-368
87: Castings: Deep Water-Pamela Freeman-506
88: Castings: Full Circle-Pamela Freeman-404
89: Athabasca-Alistair Maclean-284
90: The Passage-Justin Cronin-766
91: Season of the Spellsong: Spellsinger-Alan Dean Foster-275
92: Season of the Spellsong: Hour of the Gate-Alan Dean Foster-217
93: Season of the Spellsong: Day of the Dissonance-Alan Dean Foster-235
94: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency-Douglas Adams-171
95: Shadows of the Apt: Blood of the Mantis-Adrian Tchaikovsky-354
96: The Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of Dawn-Fuyumi Ono-642
97: The Fourth Realm: The Golden City-John Twelve Hawks-358
98: Riyria Revelations: Avempartha-Michael Sullivan-237
99: Riyria Revelations: Nyphron Rising-Michael Sullivan-277
100: Vlad Taltos: Athyra-Steven Brust-259
101: The Oort Perimeter-Steven Lake-UNFINISHED
102: Empire: Daughter of the Empire-Janny Wurts & Raymond Feist-377
103: Robotech: Symphony of Light-Jack McKinney-158
104: Guardian of the Flame: The Sleeping Dragon-Joel Rosenberg-171
105: Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance-Sean Williams-417
106: Empire: Servant of the Empire-Janny Wurts & Raymond Feist-627
107: Wars of Light and Shadow: Curse of the Mistwraith-Janny Wurts-UNFINISHED
108: The Lon Tobyn Chronicles: Children of Amarid-David Coe-600
109: Malaz: Return of the Crimson Guard-Ian Esslemont-681
110: Stormlight Archives: The Way of Kings-Brandon Sanderson-1035
111: Snow Crash- Neal Stephenson-520
112: Legends of Shannara: Bearers of the Black Staff-Terry Brooks-336
113: Lightbringer: The Black Prism-Brent Weeks-609
114: Riyria Revelations: Emerald Storm-Michael Sullivan-380
115: The Three Investigators: Secret of Terror Castle-Robert Arthur-79
116: Artemis Fowl-Eoin Colfer-143
117: Ancester-Scott Sigler-421
118: Dirk Gently: The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul-Douglas Adams-199
119: Star Wars: Clone Wars Gambit: Stealth-Karen Miller-293
120: Guardians of the Flame: The Sword and the Chain-Joel Rosenberg-251
121: Bios-Robert Wilson-214
122: Star Wars: Crosscurrent-Paul Kemp-214
123: Polity: Agent Cormac: Gridlinked-Neal Asher-346
124: Polity: Agent Cormac: The Line of Polity-Neal Asher-437
125: Discworld: The Truth -Terry Pratchett-239
126: Kim -Rudyard Kipling-307
127: Polity: Agent Cormac: Brass Man-Neal Asher-405
128: Brisingr-Christopher Paolini-PARTIAL REREAD
129: Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident-Eoin Colfer-146
130: Robotech: The Sentinels: The Devil's Hand-Jack McKinney-133
131: World at War: Into the Darkness-Harry Turtledove-684
132: Polity: Agent Cormac: Polity Agent-Neal Asher-403
133: Dresden Files: Death Masks- Jim Butcher-235
134: Polity: Agent Cormac: Line War-Neal Asher-395
135: Empire: Mistress of the Empire-Janny Wurts & Raymond Feist-656
136: Tau Ceti Agenda: One Day on Mars-Travis Taylor-UNFINISHED
137: Cirque Du Freak: A Living Nightmare-Darren Shan-148
138: Conrad Stargard: Crosstime Engineer-Leo Frankowski-231
139: Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant-Darren Shan-141
140: Guardian of the Flame: The Silver Crown-Joel Rosenberg-216
141: Battle Royale-Koushun Takami-491
142: The Strain: Strain-G. Del Toro & Chuck Hogan-353
143: Lady Penitent: Sacrifice of the Widow-Lisa Smedman-202
144: Cirque Du Freak: Tunnels of Blood-Darren Shan-139
145: Conrad Stargard: the High Tech Knight-Leo Frankowski-247
146: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II-Sean Williams-295
147: The Gambler-Fyodor Dostoyevsky-130
148: Mutation-Robin Cook-367
149: The Videssos Cycle: The Misplaced Legion-Harry Turtledove-288
150: Conrad Stargard: The Radiant Warrior-Leo Frankowski-281
151: Inherit the Stars-James Hogan-203
152: DragonLords: The Last DragonLord-Joanne Bertin-471
153: Conrad Stargard: The Flying Warlord-Leo Frankowski-232
154: Polity: Spatterjay: The Skinner-Neal Asher-375
155: Rendezvous with Rama-Arthur Clarke-255
156: Lady Penitent: Storm of the Dead-Lisa Smedman-209
157: The Sword and the Dragon-M.R. Mathias-524
158: Discworld: Thief of Time-Terry Pratchett-241
159: Acacia: The War with the Mein-David Durham-756
160: Swallows and Amazons-Arthur Ransome-204
161: DragonLords: Dragon and Phoenix-Joanne Bertin-695
162: Sword of Shadows: A Cavern of Black Ice-J.V. Jones-618
163: Star Wars: Red Harvest-Joe Schreiber-244

1: Oh My Goddess! #32-Kosuke Fujishima
2: Oh My Goddess! #33-Kosuke Fujishima
3: Ranma 1/2 #22-Rumiko Takahashi
4: Ranma 1/2 #23-Rumiko Takahashi
5: Ranma 1/2 #24-Rumiko Takahashi
6: Ranma 1/2 #25-Rumiko Takahashi
7: Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus #2-Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir
8: Superman: The Death of Clark Kent-various
9: Fruits Basket #23-Natsuki Takaya
10: Ranma 1/2 #26-Rumiko Takahashi
11: Ranma 1/2 #27-Rumiko Takahashi
12: Ranma 1/2 #28-Rumiko Takahashi
13: Ranma 1/2 #29-Rumiko Takahashi
14: Ranma 1/2 #30-Rumiko Takahashi
15: Ranma 1/2 #31-Rumiko Takahashi
16: Yotsuba&! #6-Kiyohiko Azuma
17: Yotsuba&! #7-Kiyokiko Azuma
18: Train + Train #1-Hideyuki Kurata
19: Train + Train #2-Hideyuki Kurata
20: Train + Train #3-Hideyuki Kurata
21: Train + Train #4-Hideyuki Kurata
22: Train + Train #5-Hideyuki Kurata
23: Train + Train #6-Hideyuki Kurata
24: Elseworld: Superman: Dark Side-various
25: Ranma 1/2 #32-Rumiko Takahashi
26: Ranma 1/2 #33-Rumiko Takahashi
27: Kare Kano #1-Masami Tsuda
28: Kare Kano #2-Masami Tsuda
29: Kare Kano #3-Masami Tsuda
30: Kare Kano #4-Masami Tsuda
31: Kare Kano #5-Masami Tsuda
32: Kare Kano #6-Masami Tsuda
33: Kare Kano #7-Masami Tsuda
34: Kare Kano #8-Masami Tsuda
35: Yotsuba&! #8-Kiyohiko Azuma
36: XxxHolic #14-CLAMP
37: Ranma 1/2 #34-Rumiko Takahashi
38: Ranma 1/2 #35-Rumiko Takahashi
39: Ranma 1/2 #36-Rumiko Takahashi
40: Hunter X Hunter #22-Yoshihiro Togashi
41: Hunter X Hunter #23-Yoshihiro Togashi
42: Hunter X Hunter #24-Yoshihiro Togashi
43: Hunter X Hunter #25-Yoshihiro Togashi
44: Hunter X Hunter #26-Yoshihiro Togashi
45: Elseworld: Superman: True Brit-various
46: Case Closed #5-Gosho Aoyama
47: Case Closed #6-Gosho Aoyama
48: Case Closed #7-Gosho Aoyama
49: Case Closed #8-Gosho Aoyama
50: Case Closed #9-Gosho Aoyama
51: Case Closed #10-Gosho Aoyama
52: Case Closed #11-Gosho Aoyama
53: Case Closed #12-Gosho Aoyama
54: Case Closed #13-Gosho Aoyama
55: Case Closed #14-Gosho Aoyama
56: Case Closed #15-Gosho Aoyama
57: Case Closed #16-Gosho Aoyama
58: Case Closed #17-Gosho Aoyama
59: Case Closed #18-Gosho Aoyama
60: Case Closed #19-Gosho Aoyama
61: Case Closed #20-Gosho Aoyama
62: Case Closed #21-Gosho Aoyama
63: Case Closed #22-Gosho Aoyama
64: Case Closed #23-Gosho Aoyama
65: Case Closed #24-Gosho Aoyama
66: Case Closed #25-Gosho Aoyama
67: Case Closed #26-Gosho Aoyama
68: Prince of Tennis #3-Takeshi Konomi
69: Prince of Tennis #4-Takeshi Konomi
70: Prince of Tennis #5-Takeshi Konomi
71: Prince of Tennis #6-Takeshi Konomi
72: Prince of Tennis #7-Takeshi Konomi
73: Prince of Tennis #8-Takeshi Konomi
74: Prince of Tennis #9-Takeshi Konomi
75: Prince of Tennis #10-Takeshi Konomi
76: One Piece #22-Eichiro Oda
77: One Piece #23-Eichiro Oda
78: One Piece #24-Eichiro Oda
79: One Piece #25-Eichiro Oda
80: One Piece #26-Eichiro Oda
81: One Piece #27-Eichiro Oda
82: One Piece #28-Eichiro Oda
83: One Piece #29-Eichiro Oda
84: Prince of Tennis #12-Takeshi Konomi
85: Prince of Tennis #13-Takeshi Konomi
86: Prince of Tennis #14-Takeshi Konomi
87: Prince of Tennis #15-Takeshi Konomi
88: Prince of Tennis #16-Takeshi Konomi
89: Prince of Tennis #17-Takeshi Konomi
90: Prince of Tennis #17-Takeshi Konomi
91: Prince of Tennis #18-Takeshi Konomi
92: Prince of Tennis #19-Takeshi Konomi
93: Prince of Tennis #21-Takeshi Konomi
94: Prince of Tennis #22-Takeshi Konomi
95: Case Closed #27-Gosho Aoyama
96: Case Closed #28-Gosho Aoyama
97: Case Closed #29-Gosho Aoyama
98: Case Closed #30-Gosho Aoyama
99: Case Closed #31-Gosho Aoyama
100: Case Closed #32-Gosho Aoyama
101: Case Closed #33-Gosho Aoyama
102: Case Closed #34-Gosho Aoyama
103: Case Closed #35-Gosho Aoyama
104: Elseworld: The Superman Monster-various
105: Elseworld: Batgirl & Robin: Thrillkiller-various
106: Kare Kano #10-Masami Tsuda
107: Kare Kano #11-Masami Tsuda
108: Kare Kano #12-Masami Tsuda
109: Kare Kano #13-Masami Tsuda
110: Kare Kano #14-Masami Tsuda
111: Kare Kano #15-Masami Tsuda
112: Black Bird #1-Kanoko Sakurakoji
113: Black Bird #2-Kanoko Sakurakoji
114: Black Bird #3-Kanoko Sakurakoji
115: Elseworld: Batman & Captain American-various-UNFINISHED
116: Elseworld: Batman & Demon: A Tragedy-various
117: Elseworld: Batman & Houdini: The Devil's Workshop-various
118: Elseworld: Batman: Castle of the Bat-various
119: Elseworld: Batman: Dark Allegiances-various
120: Elseworld: Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty-various
121: Elseworld: Batman: Detective #27-various
122: Elseworld: Batman: Gotham Noir-various
123: Elseworld: Batman: Holy Terror-various
124: Elseworld: Batman: I, Joker-various
125: Elseworld: Batman: In Darkest Knight-various

December '10

-J. Bertin-dtb-471
-fantasy-a world where there are dragons, humans and a very few, rare DragonLords, humans who share a body with a dragonsoul and have great abilities. Follows the adventures of a dragonlord who finds his soultwin and is embroiled in the machinations of a kingdom in turmoil. Very well written, enjoyable and enough depth to make it feel meaty and satisfying.

-L. Frankowski-dtb-232
-scifi-Conrad defeats the mongols and the timeline is totally screwed up. This one had a lot less wenching and technology'izing.

-N. Asher-epub-375
-scifi-a new storyline dealing with a world called Spatterjay. It has a virus that infects humans and makes them strong, regenerative and nearly immortal. But if they don't eat Polity foods [ie, human food], they turn into a skinner. A skinner is a creature that kills and destroys. This book was about a polity agent looking for retribution on a gang of Hoopers [what turned humans are called] that participated in the Prador war, on the Prador's side. Follows the agent, some Hoopers, a Prador and some AI's as they all come together on Spatterjay and deal with a skinner. I enjoyed this as much, if not more, than the Agent Cormac books.

-A. Clarke-epub-255
-scifi-humanity finds a giant spaceship coming into the solar system. They explore it and realize they are not alone in the universe. The story is about the group exploring the ship. Very little action, well written, but dull none the less. There is a whole series of Rama books, but I don't think I'll waste my time on any more.

-L. Smedman-epub-209
-fantasy-another god enters the game between Lolth and her daughter. And loses. Undead battles, etc, etc. Find out more history about the drow. Same quality as the other books by Smedman.

-M.R. Mathias-epub-524
-fantasy-first off, the author is a complete asshole. I've run into him on various forums and not once was he civil to anyone unless they were kowtowing to him. That being said, this started out as a fantastic book. I was hooked from the first chapter. Sadly, near the end things really seemed to drag and I was glad when the end came. If there are ever anymore books in this same universe, I will definitely be checking them out!

-T. Pratchett-epub-241
-fantasy-Time has a baby and it gets split in two. The Auditors try using one of them to build the perfect clock, so that time stops. Death must reunite the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse [plus 1] and Susan must tie everything together while she meets and falls in love with the perfect man[for her]. Highly entertaining. Especially when scads of auditors take on human form for some reason or another.

-D. Durham-epub-456
-fantasy-despite not being able to get into this book earlier, I was encouraged by those at Goodreads to try again, and I am glad I did. Complex, long term and with just enough twists and turns to keep things interesting, Durham has created a world that is potentially HUGE for exploring. Definitely looking forward to the other 2 in this series.

-A. Ransome-epub-204
-ya fiction-a group of children spend a couple of weeks on an island and sailing a lake. Simplistic and not something I was really in the mood for. However, I can see how this would stir the imagination of young duffers and intrigue them greatly.

-J. Bertin-dtb-695
-fantasy-the dragons and true dragons find out about a dragon being held captive in a foreign land and set out to rescue him. In the process Maurynna is able to change and the DragonLords find yet another "hidden" DragonLord. I really enjoyed this novel. Depth and a very wide view of things kept my attention and separate plotlines never got tangled up. Well written. I just wish the 3rd book had been written [the back of this book, published in '98 says the author is in the process of writing it. So if it hasn't happened in 13 years, I doubt it will]

-J.V. Jones-epub-618
-fantasy-Graphic. The word to best describe this book. Every negative emotion, every detail about frozen, dying flesh, every bad habit, all were described to such detail so as to make me hate this book. A young woman, who has the power to free an undead horde, must discharge her power in a safe place, the cavern of black ice. Her fate is thrown in with a young clans man who ends up clanless. They succeed in their quest, but more things are still on the horizon. I don't think I'll be reading any more by this author.

-J. Schreiber-dtb-244
-scifi-the prequel, by several thousand years, to Death Troopers. Some Sith lord finds a sith holocron with plans for immortality and experiments on sith students. Thing go horribly wrong and everyone gets infected. A jedi gets involved and some random bounty hunter and pilot. Lots of descriptions to make creepy settings, but there was not really any tension or scariness involved. Enjoyed it a little more than Death Troopers though.

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