Saturday, January 26, 2013

Review: Miami Massacre

Miami Massacre
Miami Massacre by Don Pendleton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Beach party! and the intro, albeit very brief, of the Talifero brothers. It is about time some kind of high calibre mercs were brought in, as opposed to the stupid antics of the Mafia.
And the beginning of a plan to make Bolan "legal" is also started.

On a general overall note, here are some of my thoughts on the series so far.

Definitely a different world than today. Much is made about the Mafia, ala La Cosa Nostra, and how mysterious and strong they are. How the general populace thinks they are a fairytale.
I was thinking, does the U.S. even have a "Mob" problem in this day and age? I know they exist, but are they a real player in world politics?

Pendleton seems to go out of his way to justify what Bolan is doing. On one level, I can see why he does. While I am all for Law and Order, I also see how criminals, of all orders, bend and manipulate it to their advantage. And having a Vigilante who is guided by a strict set of morals would be awesome.

Romances. Each novel Bolan seems to come across some bimbo who he has some sort of connection with. It really doesn't fit with the overall themes of the series. I guess it adds something, but I find it more of a distraction...

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