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Shadows Linger (The Chronicles of the Black Company #2)


Shadows Linger - Glen Cook

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Title: Shadows Linger

Series: The Chronicles of the Black Company

Author: Glenn Cook

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 320





The Black Company must hump it to the back end of the world where the Dominator sleeps and is trying to rise again.

And guess where Raven and the little deaf girl have gone? To the end of the world, because who would look for them there?

So Croaker and the others must stop the Dominator from arising, keep Raven safe and keep the Lady from knowing they are actively working against her in this regards.


That is a lot of knives to juggle. And the Black Company gets cut, badly.


My Thoughts:

Not quite as interesting as the former book, but it deals with a smaller cast of crew for the larger part of the book, so that was nice.


A small town occupation with its own issues that simply bleed over and cause problems for the Black company. Raven trying to survive.

Lots of bloody action from from one on one action to a large magical battle with the whole town involved. And it all ends with the Black Company being almost destroyed and on the run from servants of the Dominator AND the Lady herself. Not a good place to be in.


I think I enjoyed this just as much as the previous book though.

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