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The New War (The Executioner #39)


The New War - Don Pendleton

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Title: The New War

Series: The Executioner

Author: Don Pendleton

Rating: of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Action/Adventure

Pages: 184





Mack is off to South/Central America to rescue a valuable mole. Unfortunately, a hurricane happens at the same time.

Mack against the Palestinian terrorists and a Hurricane. Talk about Man against Man and Man against Nature!


My Thoughts:

I am used to violence in this series, but even with that said, there was a LOT of brain/grey matter being blown all over the place. Gotta love that magnum.


New location, new enemies [terrorists from the 80's and whole Communist thing] and a Team. It all worked together pretty well.  You can definitely tell that it wasn't actually Pendleton writing, but that was a needed change. Gives me hope that I can hang onto this series for another 40+ books :-)

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