Friday, June 03, 2016

The Cursed (2500th Review)

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Title: The Cursed
Series: -----
Author: Dave Duncan
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 512
Format: Kindle digital edition


In a world where the 7 gods have 2 aspects, blessed and cursed, we follow a group of people who are caught up in Destiny with restoring an Empire.

My Thoughts:

Duncan is a good author. I don't always like his stuff (his Great Game trilogy comes to mind) but I can't complain about his writing. Thankfully.

This book was more about the "journey" than the destination. The whole restoring the Empire happens in the epilogue and is not the main focus. It focuses on Gwin and her struggle to survive. From being a widowed innkeeper to the wife of the prophesied Emperor to being the Leader of the Blessed [Blessed and Cursed all depend on who is referring to them. Each god touched individual has a power that has 2 sides, following the nature of the system Duncan has set up in this world], we follow her and how she deals with the role her destiny has literally called her to.

Duncan seems to like to explore some of the odd combinations that could happen with powers instead of just writing an action/fantasy adventure. I'm pretty ok with that, since it isn't what I usually read.

Finally, this is my 2500th review.  I wouldn't be able to keep track of review numbers on just blogger, which is why I like  being part of a social booksite like Booklikes.

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