Thursday, August 18, 2016

This Green Hell (Alex Hunter #3)

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Title: This Green Hell
Series: Alex Hunter
Author: Greig Beck
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Action/Adventure
Pages: 308
Format: Kindle digital edition

Synopsis: Spoilers

An inimical alien lifeform has come to Earth, 400 years ago. Now it waits to be set free and to take over.
Aimee is still on the search for the perfect fuel. She thinks she might have found it in a new natural gas reserve that has old microbrial thingamajigs that do "Science". So of course it is the inimical Life Form and Green Berets are wiped out so Alex Hunter and Crew are sent in. The Life Form has grown, using a human host, into what is pretty much a vampire and more than a match for Alex.
A CDC scientist tags along because everyone thinks the Lifeform is just a new disease. And she has a nuke, just in case.

My Thoughts:

I had to downgrade this half a star from the previous book because there were several instances of things not being logical and simply not making sense. I can't remember what those instances were, but they made an impression.

Aimee's inclusion into the story wasn't something that I particularly enjoyed either. And then at the end to have her think that Hunter was killed by the virus was just wrong. The Israeli Special Forces lady who ends up taking charge of Hunter's frozen body is not nice and I'm not sure what her future in these stories are. I hope it is a small role.

Ton of fighting and stuff, which redeems most of the issues I had.

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