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Thraxas at the Races (Thraxas #3)

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Title: Thraxas at the Races
Series: Thraxas
Author: Martin Scott
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: SFF
Pages: 256
Format: Kindle digital edition


This time Thraxas is hired by a Senator to find his missing artwork, that his dwa addicted wife has stolen to fuel her habit. Of course, just as Thraxas finds the loot, he also finds the Senators dead body and is charged with the crime.
He is rescued only to find he is now expected to guard an Orc chariot driver.
From the frying pan into the fire!

My Thoughts:

I am very glad to be using the half star rating system, that is for sure. These books are pure fun but not solid enough for a re-read. Plus, with the mystery being solved, I'm not sure that I'd enjoy slogging through the same territory again. But that in no way diminishes just how awesome these books are.

My only real complaint, again, is the lousy new covers. I suspect it has something to do with legal rights and what not. I also suppose that it is supposed to be Makri, the half human, quarter Elf, quarter Orc, woman who guards Thraxas' back and has the potential to be a love interest at the end of the series. But she's described as having slightly red skin, her hair is not dyed and while she does wear a chain mail bikini [for tips at the bar], she fills it out. I've seen the old covers and I have to say, they really appeal to me.

Thankfully, the author stays away from "character development" and over arching story arcs. Just the type of story I'm looking to read for 20'ish minutes a day while on lunch break.

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