Friday, December 02, 2016

The Parasite

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Title: The Parasite
Series: -----
Author: Neal Asher
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: SFF
Pages: 134
Format: Kindle digital edition


Jack is a space miner and in the process of getting some space ice, gets infected with something. Something that heals him, makes him stronger, makes him smarter but also something that will control his reactions in dangerous situations. Problem is, the parasite thinks that any fear from Jack is a dangerous situation.
Jack was supposed to go into quarantine, but the head honcho didn't want the space ice to go into quarantine as well, so Jack walked free. Now the World Health is after him, as well as the Head Honcho trying to cover up his tracks. Because Jack is contagious, contagious beyond belief and people are dying by the bucketload.

My Thoughts:

This novella exemplifies everything I like and don't like about Asher, all boiled down into one little story. On the hand, we have action and violence literally exploding everywhere. Asher does Ultra-Violence with a deft hand that while occasionally making me cringe never feels overboard to me, unlike say the Jack Reacher books. On the other hand, you get the interminable whining about Free Will from at least one, if not more, character.

For me, just because I am not choosing to make my heart beat but it does it on its own, doesn't mean I don't have free will. Non-Total Autonomy doesn't negate Free Will for me. I suspect the differences we hold on Free Will boil down to our views and thoughts on God. Surprise :-D

On the story itself. If you've ever wondered about trying Asher but were intimidated by the 14'ish books divided up into sub series and so threw up your hands and never tried, THIS is the story to try to see if you'll like him or not. It is self-contained but show cases his writing style and his ideas in one easy to digest sitting.

Glad I got around to reading this because I have to wait until March of '17 for his next Polity book to come out.

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