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Gorgon (Alex Hunter #5)

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Title: Gorgon
Series: Alex Hunter #5
Author: Greig Beck
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Genre: Action/Adventure
Pages: 414
Format: Kindle digital edition

Synopsis: Spoilers

Alex Hunter is wandering the United States, with huge gaps in his memory and dispensing vigilante justice against lowlifes who cross his path. At the same time, he is stalking his former love interest Aimee and it turns out she has a son and is in a relationship with some other man. Hammerson brings Alex back into the HAWC fold and with some new doctors, helps Alex get most of his memory back. However, his rages are even worse and it is questionable whether he can perform in the field without losing control.

Meanwhile in Turkey, an antiques thief lets loose an ancient myth, a gorgon, which is only too real. With whole villages being turned to stone, the HAWC's are sent in to deal with this problem. The Russians want a piece of the action as well and send in a specialist team led by the man who Alex has fought on and off for quite some time.

Everything comes to a climactic conclusion deep underground in some caves in Greece. And by climactic conclusion I mean, aliens, mech armor, explosives, high technology and a serious fight that only a few walk away from

My Thoughts: Spoilers

One: Alex has a kid by Aimee and said child has inherited Alex's superpowers?
Two: Aliens?
Come on everybody, roll those eyes with me! And a one, and a two and roll them both now.

This was a fun read with a lot of action. If you've liked the previous Alex Hunter books, then you'll definitely like this one. I have to say that on the character side of things, I am liking Jack Hammerson more and more. He reminds me, in spirit, of George Hammond from Stargate. Hammerson is a former HAWC and Hammond was a balding, portly fellow but in their care of their soldiers, they are twins. I also tend to picture Hammerson talking and acting like Hammond did.

Alex is still the messed up soldier and now he's gotten even more reasons to be worried. We'll see how the author, Beck, handles the whole superkid thing. I'm really hoping he doesn't go down the Soap Opera path. Last thing we need is a “Super Family in Hiding”. Not to be to coarse, but since Alex knows he can pass along his abilities, he should start fathering the Super Race. Sperm banks for sure and possibly a harem. Kind of like Solomon. Come on Alex, it's for the good of the entire world!

The whole gorgon thing was a bit farfetched, but considering we've had vampires from space, prehistoric monsters and the like, I guess upon reflection it really isn't that far off base. But seriously, an alien ship harvesting humans that crashed? 

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