Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Rose Rent (Brother Cadfael #13) ★★★☆☆

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 Title: The Rose Rent
 Series: Brother Cadfael #13
 Author: Ellis Peters
 Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
 Genre: Mystery
 Pages: 239
 Format: Digital Edition


A young widow, the owner of a well to do business, gave a house she owned to the Abby, on the condition that they pay a “rent” of one white rose on the anniversary of her husband's death. Should the rose not be delivered or the widow not be able to take it, the Abby forfeits the house and it reverts back to the widow.

She is pressed on all sides by suitors but when a young monk is killed and the rose bush burnt, things have moved into serious territory. Then when the widow disappears and another man shows up dead, Cadfael must solve what is going on before the widow ends up dead. Things have a happy ending when Cadfael solves the mystery and the widow ends up with the local leather worker who is a widower with a young daughter.

My Thoughts:

Not really much to say about these. First off, it's a Mystery and that's not my go-to genre so I'm pretty meh about it. Second, it is a Cadfael mystery, so there's a lot of just kind of hanging around while things happen. Being a monk really cramps his style.

There is a lot of descriptive stuff that I simply blew by. I just didn't care. I'm sure it set the tone but that was lost on me.

Cadfael is a literary palate cleanser for me. It is well written, I don't expect much and it delivers just enough to keep me happy. Kind of like those baskets of bread rolls at restaurants that you munch on before your food arrives.


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