Monday, June 05, 2017

Warrior King (Odyssey One #5) ★★★★ ½

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 Title: Warrior King
 Series: Odyssey One #5
 Author: Evan Currie
 Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars
 Genre: SFF
 Pages: 334
 Format: Digital Edition


Humanity and the Priminae are working together and have created a new class of Interstellar Warships, the Heroics. Cpt. Eric Weston continues as the head officer upon the Flagship Odysseus. His current assignment is to backtrack the Drasin and find out who or what was controlling them.

At the same time, the aliens, simply known as The Empire, are missing a Drasin fleet. They're not to happy about that and they set out to follow the Drasin to see what happened. When the Odysseus and their carrier group, which includes the new Destroyers we are introduced to in King of Thieves, run into the Empire's Fleet, a battle ensues in which Humanity kicks butt.

Of course, now Humanity has picked a fight with an Empire that includes 149 star systems. We are in SO much trouble.

My Thoughts:

It's been a year and a half since I last read a book in the Odyssey One universe. Man, Currie is getting better. I really enjoyed Out of the Black, but when I read the first 2 Scourwind novels, I figured he couldn't top them. I was wrong. This was just as good.

There were 2 space battle scenes and they were both memorable. One was a small destroyer against an unarmed shuttle. That was more a battle of wits than anything. The Battle Group fight was just a massive brawl in space. The T-guns were useless, so that made the battle even more exciting.

We get a little bit of “universe” building going on but this was just like the previous books. Fighting, In Spaaaaace! It just doesn't get more fun than this.

★★★★ ½

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