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Operation Odessa (Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin #8) (Manga)


Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, Vol. 8: Operation Odessa - Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Yoshiyuki Tomino

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Title: Operation Odessa

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin

Author & Artist: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Manga

Pages: 470




After several books of back story, we are catapulted back into the present. The Federation is making a big push to put Zeon off the earth and back into Space.

The White Base personnel are growing up, coming into their own as a military force.

Amuro continues to grow as a pilot but not much as a man. He's still a pretty whiny teen.

And Char's obsession with him grows even greater.


My Thoughts:

I wasn't real keen on returning to the "present". I found the characters much more likable, interesting and generally all around more engaging in the "past".


However, the story must proceed. Amuro and Char have a really good battle where Amuro starts to come into his own as a warrior. Char's obsession with New Types seems to be affecting his decision making abilities and I can see it bringing about his destruction.


On a side note, I've been wondering how many volumes this is going to be. I still don't know. I see that Vol.'s 11 and 12 are going to be coming out this fall. I think 12 is the last one and I hope so.  Who can afford 12 books at $30 a pop? I am slowly collecting these but I have to wait for sales where they go down to 20 or less for a day, then save up my amazon points and snatch one up here and there.


Well, with that being said, these are worth every penny and I'm really glad I saw these at our local library. If I had to wait to read these until I bought them, ha.

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