Friday, May 13, 2016

Renegade (The Spiral Wars #1)

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Title: Renegade
Series: The Spiral Wars
Author: Joel Shepherd
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: SFF
Pages: 451
Format: Kindle digital edition


1000 years ago, Earth was destroyed by a hostile alien race and humanity was on the brink of extinction. With the help and aid of 2 other alien races, humanity began a war of genocide against the killers of earth. We won. They are forever gone. We then moved on to punish the masters of that race. They surrendered after a galaxy wide and protracted war. Their power of the Spiral Arm of the galaxy was broken.

Erik Debogande is a third pilot under a famous Captain. When that Captain disappears and then Erik is framed for his murder, Erik, along with a Marine commander who knows more than she lets on, takes control of the ship and begins a race of survival against an unknown enemy who has plans unimaginable. What the Phoenix and her crew find out will change the History of the Galaxy, and potentially its future.

My Thoughts:

Whoooo! This was a thrill a minute book! Several times my adrenaline levels rose and I could feel my heart racing. And it wasn't because of caffeine or the such. The writing was just good enough to pull me right into the action and make me feel like I was there.

The idea of humanity losing Earth and the such brings me back to the times I've watched Titan, A.E. and I still love that movie. This story was about AFTER.  And man, does humanity kick butt. Of course, being a young race, we're being manipulated and this story is showing how we've been manipulated and what we can possibly do about it. Another thing I liked; machine civilizations inimical to biological life. That is just cool.

Overall, this was a great SF book with lots and lots of fighting.

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