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Title: Taboogasm
Series: ------
Author: Gregor Xane
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 157
Format: Hardcover

Synopsis: SPOILERS

This picture is so spot on for a synopsis that you have no idea.

My Thoughts:

I knew going into this that Xane writes stuff that isn't up my alley. So with that in mind, I plunged right into this signed and numbered hard cover edition. I didn't get #1 and but I did end up with my favorite number, so it all works out great.


That totally describes this book. Can't really say much else. Like a roller coaster, you have to experience it for yourself.

I was wondering where the title Taboogasm came from and what it had to do with the book. Nothing in fact. It is a movie within the book and all we know about it is what is depicted on the cover of the book, ie, a couple having sex on a motorcycle that get eaten by Shamu. Bizarre.

I had fun reading this, so thanks Gregor. I hope others have fun as well.

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