Sunday, September 25, 2016

To the Far Blue Mountains (Sacketts #2)

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Title: To the Far Blue Mountains
Series: Sacketts
Author: Louis L'amour
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 287
Format: Kindle digital edition


Barnabas Sackett is now wanted by the Crown, as it is believed he discovered some of the Lost Crown Jewels when he found the old gold pieces. Cast into prison, rescued and fleeing to the New World, Barnabas must finally leave England behind for good. Now with his wife and his crew, Barnabas must learn to live in a land where everything is new and strange. Determination and grit allow him to succeed and to raise a fine crop of kiddo's, men and women who are suited for exploring and conquering this America.

My Thoughts:

Pretty much the same thoughts as the previous book.

Barnabas waxes loquacious at any and all times and comes across much more as an armchair philosopher than a man who is trying to survive. There is a lot of action, what with prison rescues, fighting pirates, fighting Indians, etc but it is all mellowed out by the tone it is being told in. Even Barnabas's dying thoughts are presented that way.

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